Research, Strategy and Integration | 19 IDEAS

“Guesswork” isn’t part of our vocabulary.

The true strength in any scenario is understanding the “why” as completely as you understand the “what.” As strategists, we’re committed to understanding the motivations that drive audience behavior. As communicators, we work to implement tactics to influence that behavior. Through our in-depth research and planning processes, we guide clients through the labyrinth of data and insights to drive smart work – and a nice return on investment.


Here we assemble our clients’ key stakeholders together to talk wants, hopes and dreams. We brainstorm. We strategize. We align. The intangible result is a unified team, bursting with creative energy and excitement for what’s in store.

Learn and strategize.

Armed with data and insights, we develop a plan that identifies key goals and benchmarks for success. This is where we put art and science in the blender to create the absolute best recommendations for your business needs.


The culmination of our efforts is realized as we implement the various strategies and tactics we’ve thoughtfully discussed and planned in the previous steps.


Our work doesn’t end there — in fact, we feel it never ends. The conclusion of any project marks the beginning of our analysis. We tie back results to the agreed-upon goals and objectives to determine successes, areas of focus and additional opportunity. From there, we tweak. We fine-tune. We correct. The process doesn’t end; the cycle simply begins again.