Careers at 19 IDEAS

Working at 19 IDEAS

We stand only for the outstanding.

Table stakes

In order to maintain our standard of quality and a commitment to excellent client service, we require that every team member – from intern to executive – bring a core set of traits and practices to the table. These are very simple but also non-negotiable.

  • Have passion for your work and a drive to continually get better
  • Respect your teammates and your work environment
  • Check your work twice – then check it again
  • Be endlessly inquisitive and open to new ideas
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

It’s these commonalities that help make us who we are. Working here is every bit a privilege as it is a job. Without our team and our culture, we’d be like everyone else.

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Embrace community

Our team, our clients, our West Side neighborhood and our community as a whole, is comprised of diverse people with different backgrounds and unique perspectives. The collective power of this is so great, and we respect and harness all the good that comes with it.

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Open positions

Digital Marketing Associate

Senior Digital Designer


Interested but don’t see any suitable positions open at the moment? Don’t let that stop you. We’re always looking out for great talent and will gladly accept your resume. And if you’re interested in getting to know us over coffee, we can likely do that, too.

Connect With Us

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Family spirit

It’s true. We choose to spend more time with each other than we have to. Family dinners, games, happy hours, team outings – we value each other and believe our work and morale can only benefit by enjoying our time together.

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Awesome benefits

Beyond working in the field you love with coworkers and clients that love what they do, we’ve got some additional perks that help make 19 IDEAS a highly sought-after workplace.

Really. Good. Coffee.

A perk that percolates. We take our caffeinating very seriously. Beans are delivered weekly and are ground only seconds before brewing.

Flexible work arrangements

We enjoy sharing our collaborative space together, but also understand sometimes you need to work remotely or on a slightly different schedule, and we’re OK with that.

Ping Pong

Table tennis as some may call it, is our version of the “smoke break.” Competition can sometimes be fierce, but it’s a great diversion from the day that also comes with bragging rights.

Paid time off

Yes, it’s a common benefit. But we will pay you to not work. Go somewhere fun. Do nothing. Just don’t come to work (for a generous amount of days per year).

Health benefits

We encourage and place emphasis on health and wellness. Our benefits plans offer the full range of medical benefits, with an employer contribution as well.

Lounge music

No, smooth jazz doesn’t pipe through a sound system as white noise in the office. But we do have a lounge, and all musicians are welcomed to jam to gain inspiration or clear your head.