Mike Cardus - 19 IDEAS

Organization Development
by Mike Cardus

Evolving an entrepreneur

Mike Cardus is an organization development professional and leadership coach who has supported companies of all sizes across five continents and has received various accolades within his industry. Along with being a published author, he has created numerous programs that put his expansive expertise into a physical, tangible form for continued client aid.

Cardus uses his vast knowledge base and vibrant personality – something we refer to as “The Mikeness”– to create his unique perspective on Organization Development. His new brand and messaging strategy are both influenced by, and a direct reflection of, Mike’s professional perspective.

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Research, rethink and refine

The business previously operated under the name “Create-Learning,” which was unclear to prospective business partners and did not support SEO and digital marketing efforts. Based on our competitive research and interviews with Mike’s clients, we changed the name of the business, creating a more competitive positioning for his marketing. The new name also emphasizes that this is Organization Development according to Mike: You’re buying his personality and expertise, not something repurposed from a book.



Brighten it up

Bold colors and typography set the visual tone for Mike’s new messaging. Modern and confident, Mike is ready to help organizations perform better and achieve results.

Devil is in the details

Mike Cardus offers custom, strategic solutions to his clients. The business cards and stationary package we put together reflect the high-end, detailed attention he gives to his business partners.

Focus on achievement

Our priority was to take this site beyond the average marketing for leadership coaches. Its design focuses on Mike’s impressive outcomes, partnerships and content library.


Drove heightened awareness and interest in Mike’s work.

Services focus

Focused on Mike’s core offerings to offer clarity and boost SEO.


Lead generation

Improved the quality and quantity of leads generated by the site using CTA’s that make users think about their needs.


Ported all of Mike’s content and helped organize his impressive library of self-published resources.

Personal touches

A brand as personal as this one wouldn’t feel right without custom photography. We spent the day with Mike and his clients to capture “The Mikeness” in action.

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SOLVED Cards: A Solution-Focused Coaching Process

Mike is many things. A coach. A consultant. An entrepreneur. And now with the launch of SOLVED Cards, he is also a product developer. Through his work with individuals and organizations, Mike realized the need and opportunity to provide problem-solving tools that extend beyond in-person sessions.

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The product

Guided by Mike’s expertise of the coaching process, we developed the tangible materials that would be used for learning by an individual, in pairs for peer-to-peer training, and in group settings for team building.

A deck of SOLVED Cards includes 24 individual prompts to take you through various scenarios you’ll encounter in the workplace, which follow along with each stage of the S-O-L-V-E-D acronym. The package also includes a comprehensive instruction manual, “Contact Mike” cards and blank cards for note-taking. The design and aesthetic follow his brand’s vibrant color palette and great attention was given to sourcing the highest quality card stock and packaging.


A product isn’t a product unless you can buy it on the web, right? We agreed – so that’s exactly what we did. Now, through the e-commerce platform our development team built on MikeCardus.com, Mike will be able to market and distribute his SOLVED Cards – and his many planned products – across the globe.