Jazzboline Restaurant & Bar

Introducing festive feastings and lively libations.

Inspired by the Vaudeville era of friendly hospitality and playful entertainment, Jazzboline opened their doors in Amherst to bring inventive family-style flair to a packed culinary scene. 

We developed messaging for the restaurant’s launch, including a series of print ads that paired gathering-inspired headlines with sumptuous imagery of entrées and cocktails, elements of which were pulled for additional launch materials.

Jazzboline Illustrated Brand Element
Jazzboline Brand Element

In tandem, we developed a website for hopeful diners to experience Jazzboline’s unique atmosphere and deep historical roots. Photography, scrolling background illustrations and inviting copy work together to bring the site to life, while mobile-responsiveness and search optimization ensure users can navigate the site and easily make their reservations through Open Table on every device. This mobile-responsive, search-optimized site resulted in 522 reservation button clicks in June 2019 alone.

Jazzboline Brand Element
Jazzboline Website Menu
Jazzboline Brand Element
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NYS Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise

32C Essex Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

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