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Hodgson Russ is a Buffalo-headquartered national law firm that has worked alongside innovators and business leaders – from visionary entrepreneurs to Fortune 1000 companies – for nearly 200 years. With offices in Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Palm Beach, Saratoga Springs and Toronto, the firm serves clients across North America and around the world, ranging from major, multinational technology service and industrial companies, to emerging start-ups and small family businesses.

The firm highly values its Whistleblower practice. Its experience, success and reputation in this area prompted it to evaluate how to more effectively present and promote it for clients in need. The challenge was explaining the dense subject matter in a way that reflected the tenets of expertise, compassion, sensitivities and respect that resonate with any prospective client.

The 19 IDEAS approach

Identifying the perfect tenor and voice was critical. The communications solution needed to present dense content in an understandable manner, but still carry through the pillars of deep expertise, compassion and commitment brought from Hodgson Russ.

We set to work through an in-depth conversation with the firm’s leadership. To present this content with authenticity, every aspect – the copy, voice, look and feel – needed to strike a pinpoint balance of strength and empathy.

Armed with this intel, we proposed a landing page as an educational resource to bring together impactful copy, content and call-to-action.

Developing the narrative

We knew the copy needed to hit home quickly. For any potential “whistleblower,” the first step is coming forward. Our solution was to describe the journey: “The path to justice has a beginning. Doing the right thing is sometimes difficult. Hodgson Russ is an accomplished legal partner you can trust.”

This foundation informed everything that followed.

The resulting copy addressed the key things any whistleblower would want to know. They want to feel secure and protected in coming forward. They want to believe in their partner. They want to maintain their integrity. They want to know they’re doing the right thing. Our content explained that questions are normal: Hodgson Russ is where you find answers.


We wanted users to feel safe and hopeful, while also having to work within the confines of the existing Hodgson Russ brand colors. Starting with photography featuring the sunrise, we used a color pallet based on warm light, including a vibrant orange from the firm’s brand.

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Promotion strategy

Paid digital advertising was used to promote the landing page. Knowing the clients Hodgson Russ was hoping to attract wouldn’t search for “whistleblower attorney,” industry specific sites with high-traffic volume were identified to reach users in the government and pharmaceutical industries.

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The result was a succinct, yet impactful, landing page that traversed sensitivity, security and a path to success – accessible to any potential whistleblower and true to Hodgson Russ’ authentic voice. Lauded internally by leadership, the page’s balanced look and feel, thoughtful language and accompanying video provided a package that continues to be featured as part of their practice’s services at HodgsonRuss.com.

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