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Four friends walk into a bar and ask, “Why is this beer called The Whale, anyway?”

Community Beer Works has been a proudly-local brewery since it poured its first growler back in 2010. A visit to the CBW taproom means getting to know the West Side of Buffalo or, for those in the neighborhood, a short walk from home to enjoy some of the best beer (and pub fare) in town. CBW pilsners, ales, and IPAs can be found across New York State anywhere good beer is sold. Every can that’s cracked open—from Brooklyn to Batavia—has a little bit of Buffalo, NY, in it.  

Our team devised the “It Just Works” campaign to support the promotion and sale of four primary beer brands released by CBW in 2022. The Whale is the brewery’s signature, award-winning brown ale, and the brand story of this beer includes a Buffalo-centric fairytale about a whale who found his way through the Erie Canal and into Lake Erie, where he still lives today.

The Whale is a great beer to pair with food of almost any kind, and the headline that leads the messaging work is “Good Food. Good Beer. It Just Works.” to draw culinary-focused audiences to this brand.

To make the story special, we scripted a fun scene showing four friends seated around a table, enjoying The Whale, and sharing a meal. The group ponders why a beer would be called “The Whale” and shenanigans ensue, including some improvised whale sounds from our talented cast of actors.



This phase of work included a long-form video, five short-form videos for paid social media promotion, and a landing page.

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