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When To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital media is ingrained in our lives, at home and at work. Daily scrolling gives average people working knowledge of social media and an understanding of the role digital marketing plays in creating lasting customer connections. Early on, many owners find the experience they’ve earned through everyday social media interactions sufficient to meet their initial business needs. But as a business or brand scales, partnering with a professional digital marketing agency is fundamental to success.


Whether you’re in the early stages of developing your business plan or have several years of success behind you, there are a few key considerations that can help you understand when it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency.

Digital Engagement is Declining

If engagement on your social media accounts, ad campaigns, or other digital platforms is beginning to plateau or decline, a digital marketing expert may be in order.

By partnering with you and your team, a digital marketing agency digs in to find your brand’s challenges beneath the easy-to-access surface-level data. First, a digital expert identifies acute problems stunting your digital growth through an in-depth audit. This audit reveals if you’re facing simple adjustments or if there are more significant issues requiring a dedicated, strategic plan. A digital marketing agency then develops a holistic strategy addressing issues with measurable goals and a method for tracking performance. Additionally, an agency will provide forward-looking recommendations prioritizing digital growth.


Finding Strength in Up-to-Date Strategies

Digital platforms and trends constantly evolve: new platforms emerge, existing platforms add features, and the algorithms that serve as any digital tool’s backbone, shift. This constant state of change requires the kind of insight and strategy only a dedicated expert with a cutting-edge understanding of the industry can offer.

A designated digital marketing agency partner provides insightful recommendations for leveraging each platform’s best practices to meet your business goals, even as those best practices change.


Managing Your Community

As a business grows and gains traction and market share, it also experiences an influx of comments, questions, and DMs on its social platforms. It’s important to feel confident about how (and when) to respond to these engagements — especially negative ones. If left unresolved, public-facing negative experiences reshape how audiences view your business and can sometimes be louder than a long history of positive interactions.

A digital marketing agency provides a considered strategy for the good, the bad, and ugly moments inherent to using digital media. Using tools to manage your community effectively, from canned responses and workflows to simply being another set of hands, your agency can support your business, allowing you and your team to worry less about always having the right response.


Needing Data-Backed Strategy

Unlike traditional advertising, digital platforms provide richer, more robust data. From audience segmentation and click-through rates to laser-focused targeting, digital ad campaigns give an expert granular insight. And, when partnered with audience behavior, digital strategies rooted in this data create strong campaigns leading to higher conversion.

You might need a digital marketing agency to fuse data with behavior effectively. By examining your analytics to identify opportunities and evaluating your sales funnel, an experienced agency ensures these things work together to support your ability to achieve results.


As digital marketing professionals, our integrated approach to digital marketing begins the way every strategy does: blending art with science. We define goals, outline metrics, and target audiences to drive actions and results. Partnered with the right creative and messaging, we pivot and test our strategy to ensure your digital strategies are seen and heard — and working.


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