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How PR Can Establish You as a Healthcare Thought Leader

How PR Can Establish You as a Healthcare Thought Leader

In the healthcare industry, it’s essential to maintain trust as an organization—with your patients and prospective patients, investors and funders, or within the industry itself.  Thought leadership helps position brands as innovators, establishing credibility and trust to inspire others with insightful content that drives action. It’s a unique component of your marketing strategy that can make all the difference in a competitive world where brands must be relevant to succeed.

Thought leadership content must be strategic, honest, and full of valuable insight. Luckily, your organization is not alone in crafting this content to rise above the rest—that’s where public relations (PR) comes in.

What is thought leadership?

By definition, thought leadership is the expression of one’s perspective and knowledge within a particular field, topic, or industry that conveys expertise. Thought leadership allows organizations to position themselves as experts and industry innovators while building their brand and demonstrating credibility. The purpose of sharing thought leadership content isn’t self-serving, but to serve the public and relevant industry. In the healthcare industry specifically, thought leadership helps to instill patient trust in a healthcare system, while also adding a human element to the organization or brand.

Who can be a thought leader?

While there are no set rules for who can and can’t be a thought leader, typically they are experts in their respective fields with proven experience, knowledge, and a desire to share their insights with others. Ahead of the curve with a distinct ability to think outside the box, thought leaders share real information, tips, and actionable data and insights. CEOs, consultants, authors, coaches, and even businesses themselves can all be thought leaders.

With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly competitive, brands must find new ways to stand out. An effective thought leader can be described as innovative and transformative, constantly growing and using previous experiences to guide their decision-making. They also take note of current trends and insights within a space and look forward to sharing these thought-provoking ideas with others. Think of thought leadership as one more tool in your toolbox to implement into your marketing plan.

How does thought leadership and healthcare PR work together?

In essence, the goal of PR as a marketing communications tool is to help effectively get your message out to audiences; thought leadership is just one more way to do this. When working with a healthcare PR professional, the goal will be to provoke discussion in new and developing industry trends, touch on subject matters that aren’t well engaged already, and utilize a strong voice and valuable opinions.

Enlisting the help of a healthcare PR partner not only ensures that your thought leadership content is crafted correctly, but it will also ensure that it is delivered correctly. A PR firm will define goals (including the intended audience), review any existing thought leadership material if applicable, identify a brand’s thought leaders, and begin to create leadership content based on the strategy put in place.

When you partner with a healthcare PR professional to develop thought leadership content, you can expect them to include the following in your marketing communications and strategy:

  • Strategy
  • Ghost-writing
  • Letters to the editor
  • Op-eds
  • Submitted content
  • Media relations
  • Reputation management, including LinkedIn posting and content development

At its core, thought leadership is more than marketing a specific message, it’s creating valuable, inspirational content with insightful analysis to drive change in your field. It’s not as much about preaching to the masses as it is about creating a strong cooperative element with peers, prospects, and others. It also creates a way for collaboration and sharing experiences, knowledge, and expertise with others.

If you’re ready to start utilizing thought leadership in your healthcare organization, our PR team is ready to help. Let’s start a new project together today.

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