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Clean water is one of the most important resources on our planet. SAMCO Technologies brings together a team of chemical, civil, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineers who deliver custom, concept-to-completion solutions for wastewater and process purification to companies around the world.

Screenshots of the SAMCO website on a phone, laptop and tablet.

Connect and convert

The leadership at SAMCO identified a specific need: to stay competitive against industry giants like General Electric. To do this, SAMCO needed to increase the number of leads from their website – a critical development tool for their business.

Focus on conversion

Our solution focused on improving the site’s conversion funnels with a responsive user interface in order to create an ideal experience – on any device. We also introduced SAMCO’s Learning Center on the new site. The Learning Center is a valuable tool as it provides invaluable information on complex offerings to engineers and buyers alike. As a feature on the site, this increases the number of leads collected while helping position SAMCO as a thought leader in their industry. In exchange for their contact information and job title, users can gain access to information about the value of filtration technology.

Screenshot of the SAMCO downloadable e-books.

With such a complex product base, quite often additional information or clarification is needed by the user. The site makes it easy for anyone to ask detailed questions about SAMCO’s intricate offerings by placing a prominent Contact callout on every page.

Screen shot of the SAMCO website and the footer section calls to action.
Screenshot of the SAMCO homepage.

Providing the whole picture

High-level decision makers, such as purchasing agents, engineers and decision-making executives, are all equally likely to visit the site. To make sure each target audience is accounted for, product information on is now organized by industry, solutions and technologies. Project briefs for completed systems are then cross-referenced in each category to give users as complete of an understanding of SAMCO’s work as possible. Better information. Better experience.

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