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Independent Health is an insurance provider who puts a huge emphasis on maintaining their award-winning customer service and always keeping their members first – it was time to let everyone know that, too. They needed a space to explain the simple ways that their community could make the most out of their health plans. The solution: A dedicated online resource aptly titled, “Simple Ways To Save.”

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Health education.
Front and center.

Simple Ways To Save lives in the My Health section of and is a key piece of Independent Health’s member education strategy. The page uses strong user interface design to simplify complicated health care information. Consumers can quickly view straightforward information about their benefits.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Distilling complicated information to short, organized action items required marketing staff, user interface designers, illustrators and programmers to collaborate in real time.

A fresh outlook

The illustration on the “Simple Ways To Save” page is a departure from the traditional branding look for Independent Health. The illustrations create texture, visual interest and an authentic feeling to the page, with subtle animations used to generate some additional interest. Colors for the illustrations were selected from the company’s secondary color pallet, which then helped to tie the overall aesthetic of the brand back together.

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