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With the internet age, news has become increasingly more bountiful. However, finding the articles you would like to read can be difficult because of the number of outlets (ie. blogs, social platforms, news sites, etc.)

The tech tip of this week are news aggregators. For the purpose of discussing aggregators I will be leaving apps and services that offer news but do not allow the addition of multiple sources (i.e The New York Times, USA Today, BBC, WSJ, BuzzFeed, Blogs etc…)

News Aggregators = Your Interests Curated and Compiled

The best news aggregators allow you to automatically compile articles from your favorite news sources and blogs in one nice package. Some also allow you to discover articles from new sources related to your current reading. Some of these recommended services and apps include:

  • Apple News (iOS) – Compile specific sources, explore and discover new sources curated based on your interests, and article bookmarking
  • Feedly (iOS, Android, Web) – An RSS aggregator with a plethora of features and API integrations all in one clean and sleek design that syncs across all devices
  • Flipboard (iOS, Android, Web) – A news discovery engine that let’s you have your specific sources and undiscovered sources based on chosen interests compiled into “magazines” in graphical interface. You can also create your own magazines by saving articles for public or private view. Public magazines can be followed by other users.
  • LinkedIn Pulse (iOS, Android) – Customized news source based on your industry and interrests
  • Reader (iOS, Mac) – An elegant RSS reader that’s slim and fast
  • Haystack TV News (iOS, Android, Web) – A personalized news client that gathers videos for your viewing based on your listed interests
  • Bloglovin’ (iOS, Android, Web) – Compile your favorite blogs all in one place and feed and discover new ones based on your interests


What I Use

At one point, I’ve used all of the services listed above, as well as many others in my search for information and inspiration. In the end, I like to use Feedly and Flipboard as my one-two punch, though others may find the other apps more to their liking based on aesthetics and features. I enjoy the design of both services and want a service that can be browsed and synced across all of my devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iMac).

Lately I’ve been trying out a new app called ReadKit which integrates with many of the services I’ve described above and in my case Feedly in particular. I enjoy how it still syncs across all my devices and gives me a dark mode theme (something I’d love in all apps) similar to Feedly’s iOS apps.


Did You Know?

If you have old accounts to sites you no longer use you can easily delete your accounts from many of those sites. Sites like,, and help by giving step-by-step instructions to deleting your accounts and often times taking you to the specific page to delete your account which on many sites is often hard to find

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