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North American Breweries (FIFCO USA) – Labatt Zubaz Promotion

Showing our stripes

In 2016, we partnered with North American Breweries, now FIFCO USA, to help spark a national awareness and excitement for their limited edition Labatt Zubaz cans. This year, the company stepped up their game – asking us to engage an even larger cross-section of national social media influencers, as well as those in target markets including Buffalo/Rochester, Michigan (Detroit), Minnesota (Twin Cities), Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Wisconsin (Green Bay).

The goal was clear: spark loud and proud online buzz that would compel consumers to grab Labatt Zubaz cans during their limited availability. But this year, the playing field was larger. The audience was broader. And the stakes were higher.

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Huddling up

In an ever-growing sphere of digital influencers, finding the right contacts was critical. The next step was creating a truly memorable media kit – inside and out – to break through the noise and stand out from other football season kits received by the influencers. The final piece of puzzle was establishing a system to track, analyze and measure engagement throughout the campaign.


The play-by-play

Our team conceived and launched a multi-month playbook that leveraged the power of earned, paid and owned content to drive online conversation on a national and regional stage.

The campaign featured a phased strategic approach that fused several activations together.

The kit

A customized Labatt Zubaz “cooler” themed press kit included layered build and payoff – paired with tailored packaging and swag to match target markets.

National targeting

National targeting spanned across 25 influencers covering sports, lifestyle, entertainment and pop culture.


A prominent online outlet that touts “redefining bro culture with lifestyle, sports and culture news for millennials.” The outlet was a terrific success for the Labatt Zubaz campaign’s second year.
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Total Social media Reach


Total Post Engagements


Estimated Post Reach


Estimated Post Reach

Instagram Story

Estimated Post Reach


Regional targeting

Regional influencer targeting across seven priority U.S. markets.

Del Reid (Buffalo)

Founder of Bills Mafia and widely-followed football influencer in the Buffalo market.
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The coolest of coolers

In order to truly touch down on success with our influencers, we needed to send them their stripes in the most creative of ways. We created a custom media kit to provide reporters and influencers the ultimate kit for the ultimate gameday experience. Personalized kits were designed in the likeness of tailgating’s biggest necessity: a cooler. Stocked with striped beer and gear, the cooler sparked conversations both nationally and regionally.

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Getting to the end zone

The campaign received high engagement across all social channels – inciting conversation, content sharing and engagement from national influencers and driving excitement with a range of new contacts.

Labatt’s voice reached approximately:


Users Impressions


Post engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

A note from the playbook

Sequels are almost always more challenging than their predecessors. Expectations are higher, which means that teams need creative energy and strategic visions that are up to the task. This was a terrific opportunity to channel our inner football fans and create memorable conversation around a memorable product.

It’s easy to get excited about brands you believe in. With the right strategy, partnered alongside a truly remarkable company like North American Breweries (FIFCO USA), we found a synergy of stripes to channel the spirit of game day and inspire national conversation on Labatt Zubaz cans. And, of course, we had fun along the way.

In February 2018, the campaign was awarded a Gold ADDY by the American Advertising Federation of Buffalo – reflecting strong industry recognition for the campaign’s standout impact and creativity. We’ll cheers to that, too.

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