Thanks for the Memories, Snapchat

Snapchat is constantly improving their app as they focus on growing their user base. The company’s reach is growing and surprisingly skewing older. 38 percent of users are in between the ages of 25 and 34 and 14 percent of users are ages 35 and older. With this mission to widen their audience, Snapchat is rolling out all the stops (and filters). This push could be the motivation behind the app’s latest feature that was released this week.

Saving Snaps

After rolling out “Memories,” Snapchat announced that the feature will be available soon to all users. Memories allows you to save, edit and share old photos or videos to reuse them for future posts. No more disappearing photos, snaps can now be saved… for-eh-ver.

Prior to this update, the only way to save snaps was to download them to your smartphone before sending. Now, you can save your stories, photos or videos right to the memories feature, which is basically Snapchat’s own camera roll. Memories also offers a search function to help find saved posts by date, location and title.

Our team has recently joined the Snapchat world, which has helped us capture many 19 IDEAS moments. From employee birthday celebrations and family dinners, to Ellie making her rounds in the office, the app’s new feature will be just another way to share memories with our friends, employees and followers.Final

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