Settling in at 19 IDEAS.

I’m wrapping up my second official month here at 19 IDEAS. I feel like I’ve been here way longer…but that’s a good thing. Onboarding took about a day and it’s been full speed ahead ever since.

For the sake of this blog, I’ll share some early observations of my time here thus far…giving you a status report so to speak. These interpretations greatly reflect what I was seeing from afar and simply reinforce what brought me to 19 IDEAS.

The space we occupy makes a difference. There’s such an energy being in the city. Couple that with an office that sits within Essex Art Center and we’ve got a neighborly connection to our community and an environment that exudes creativity and productivity.

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Our team is on point. What a tremendous asset we have in our people. It’s great to be part of a diverse group with such a wide range of skills, experiences, cultural backgrounds, interests and points of view. This broadens us as people and helps to provide a more well-rounded offering to our clients.

Sometimes you just need to play some music. Sometimes you just need to play some ping pong. Right? Well, we do that. I might be better at ping pong than at guitar…and that’s not saying much. But it’s great for office rivalries and bonding.


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We’re doing what we love. This is certainly most important. There’s a shared mission here to what we do. It’s about aligning our work with like-minded clients that have a passion about their work and whose mission helps advance our community every day. We are mindful, thoughtful and passionate about causes bigger than ourselves.

It’s about working with purpose. If you don’t do that, why bother?



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