The Public Relations Raven: S6E5

Spoilers below, duh.


Three-Eyed Raven, beloved Stark servant among those who perished 

Bran Stark and Meera Reed presumed to be the only survivors

North of the Wall, Westeros: The Night’s King and his army of wights unexpectedly attacked the undisclosed home of The Children late yesterday evening. Beloved Stark servant Hodor, formerly known as Wylis, passed during the incident where his self-sacrifice led to the escape of Bran Stark and Meera Reed. Along with Hodor, legendary Three-Eyed Raven, who was rumored to be mentoring Stark, perished during the incident along with Stark’s direwolf, Summer, and several Children of the Forest.

While once thought impenetrable, the barrier setup by The Children to the massive weirwood tree where Stark, Reed and Hodor took refuge was compromised by The Night’s King and his army of wights due to complications from an unaccompanied warg vision embarked upon by Stark. Leaf and the remaining Children defended the covert location but were quickly overrun by the dead.

After a complex display of time-bending warging, Hodor’s origin was brought to light. Through Bran’s ability to connect present-day Hodor with Wylis of the past, Reed’s commands of “hold the door” echoed through Bran and into Wylis resulting in his present-day neurological condition of expressive aphasia, saying only “Hodor,” a form of the commands he was hearing years into the future. While holding the door keeping the wights from reaching Stark and Reed, Hodor succumbed to insurmountable attack, thus revealing one of the most tragic deaths the Seven Kingdoms has witnessed in recent years.

Despite knowing his fate, Wylis, now known as Hodor, remained loyal to the Stark family and is believed to have helped Bran and Rickon Stark escape the family’s home at Winterfell when Theon Greyjoy usurped Robb Stark, then King of the North, by taking the northern capital. After being rendered paralyzed from an accident just prior to the War of the Five Kings, Bran Stark relied on Hodor for mobilization.

The whereabouts of Stark and Reed are unknown at this point.


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