The Public Relations Raven S6E2

Spoilers below, duh.


Ramsay Bolton appointed Warden of the North

Balon Greyjoy killed by missing brother

Tensions rise between The High Sparrow and House Lannister 

CASTLE BLACK, WESTEROS – This evening, Lord Commander Jon Snow rose from the dead after Lady Melisandre, known as “The Red Woman,” performed an ancient ritual. Assailants attempted to breach the hold in which Snow’s body was held, but gave his followers and Ser Davos – The Onion Knight – hours to decide their fates. After what seemed like a failed attempt, The Red Woman successfully restored Snow’s life.

In Winterfell, the death of Roose Bolton has been confirmed. Following the announcement that his wife Walda (née Frey) gave birth to a trueborn son, Bolton was reportedly poisoned by his enemies. Other sources indicated that Walda and her newborn son perished in a tragic accident involving Ramsay Bolton’s dogs. Following the events, Bolton’s bastard son Ramsay was appointed Warden of the North. Residents of Winterfell refused comment.

Meanwhile, King of the Iron Islands Balon Greyjoy fell to his death from a roped wooden bridge atop the Sunset Sea. Many believe his brother Euron Greyjoy was responsible for the death, as the two disagreed on the direction of the Iron Islands. A new king will be appointed in the coming days, with Balon’s daughter Yara Greyjoy as a possible candidate.

Tensions are also running high in King’s Landing as House Lannister and The High Sparrow have undergone multiple exchanges. The Faith Militant still holds Queen Margaery Baratheon (née Tyrell) imprisoned in a cell beneath the Sept of Baelor after false testimony on behalf of her brother Loras. Queen Mother Cersei Lannister is also at the mercy of the Faith Militant as she is set for trial in the coming weeks. King Tommen – Lord of The Seven Kingdoms, King of the Andals and the First Men, and the First of His Name – has diplomatically spoken with The High Sparrow in failed attempts to dissolve the situations. Elsewhere, a new member of the Kingsguard has been appointed.

Lastly, rumors have surfaced announcing the mentorship of the three-eyed raven to Bran Stark. The whereabouts of Stark and his party – comprised of Meera Reed, Stark, servant Hodor and direwolf Summer – point to an undisclosed location in the forests of Westeros.

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