Pokémon Pt. 2: GO with the Flow

As we cross the one-month anniversary of Pokémon GO’s launch, the game’s momentum is going strong and people are still losing their minds over the addictive mobile game. Whether it is from decades of fandom, word of mouth or a general curiosity, millions have contracted the, dare I say, Poké-fever that is swarming the globe.

Poké-fever hasn’t just plagued players. Recently, I wrote about how businesses and organizations are all scrambling to incorporate the marketing opportunities that have come from the in-game Pokéstops to boost their business. Well, it’s not just a trend – Pokémon Go may be here to stay. Below are just some of the ways the Poké-fever has spread.

Pokémon Inspired Baby Names

Rewind to the year 2000 when baby names such as Emily, Jessica and Sarah ruled the most popular names list. Today, this list is filled with names of popular Pokémon. For example, Eevee and Onyx – two popular Pokémon – are quickly rising in popularity for baby girl names.

Booms in Business From Pokémon GO

Local businesses have also felt the love from Pokémon GO. A lot of businesses have recognized the marketing potential that the game can bring and are beginning to tap into it. Businesses have started offering players discounts for dropping by their Pokéstop. Playing on the in-game teams’ distinct rivalry with one another, clever businesses have gone so far as offering team-specific discounts.

Pokémon Go players at Canalside


Pokémon GO Sponsorships

Continuing with businesses harvesting the attention of adventurous Pokémon trainers, a select group of players are being targeted, publicized and marketed by companies in their quest to catch them all. How? Three out of the 145 Pokémon can be exclusively captured in Europe, Japan and Australia. One such player is Nick Johnson. Sponsored by Marriott Rewards and Expedia, Brooklyn-based Nick has won a free trip to travel the globe and catch his three missing Pokémon.

Full-Time Jobs

If you think businesses and sponsored players are the only ones benefitting financially from Pokémon GO, think again. Some players have gone so far as quitting their full-time jobs in the hopes of becoming a true Pokémon master. By playing all day and night – literally – players are getting top-tier items and Pokémon in a new game accounts that are then later sold to the highest bidder. Accounts range from $10 all the way up to $2,000.
Love it or hate it, this is pretty clear evidence just how much of an impact Pokémon GO has had after only a single month.

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