19 IDEAS Olympics Advertisement Medal Round

Like Super Bowl commercials, the Olympics have us pumped from creative ads, commercials and marketing campaigns. Athletes aren’t the only ones breaking records in Rio – NBC has secured $1.2 billion in national ads for the 2016 Rio Olympics, surpassing 2012 sales for the London Games by 20%. We’ve decided to rank three of our favorite ads – awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals accordingly.


The bronze medal goes to Coca Cola for “Gold Feeling.” The pure joy of winning paired with upbeat music (that instantly gets stuck in your head) and the consistent shot of refreshing Coca Cola. All in all, delivered an appealing and inspiring ad, but played it safe.


No matter the language, a mother’s love speaks to everyone. Proctor & Gamble harnessed that love and reminded us that all these athletes have mothers too in their commercial “Thank You Mom.”


Up for the gold is the ad that appropriately features the most decorated Olympian of all time – Michael Phelps. Under Armor digs deeps with their latest installment of the “Rule Yourself” campaign, reflecting not on Phelp’s wins, but on his grueling training. From conception to completion, the spot evokes emotion, captures attention through stunning cinematography, and ultimately highlights Phelps in a relatable, humanistic way, rather than focusing on his celebrity. With more than 10 million views on YouTube, the commercial is worthy of it’s fast-approaching status as the 5th most shared Olympics spot ever.

What’s even better than the commercial? Watching Michael Phelps watch himself in the commercial. #GOLD

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