Opening up with Las Puertas

Amidst the whirlwind of excitement that comes with our city’s growth, so many rising culinary stars have not received the attention that is due. One such person that comes to mind immediately is the talented Chef Victor Parra Gonzales. With an impressive resume spanning three countries, Victor is on the dawn of releasing his second Wester New York culinary venture, Las Puertas.
A mere four blocks away from our office (on Rhode Island Street), Las Puertas graciously extended their introduction with a visit to 19 IDEAS, complete with dinner and dessert. While seated to experience some of restaurant’s more casual plates, a little background was unveiled about the chefs running the operation.


Inspired by renowned chefs, like Mexico’s Enrique Olvera and Jorge Vallejo, Las Puertas is all about the marriage of modern and traditional plates. Combining the mundane with advanced techniques has never been so wonderfully evolved in our area than with Chef Victor’s cooking.

Of course, dinner always needs a sweet solution. In the kitchen was none other than Chef Victor’s second-in-command, Pastry Chef Jennifer Batt. Chef Batt’s playful energy and classical tutelage are brought to the fore with imaginative and delicious creations.

Upon concluding our dinner, we were distressed to hear that Las Puertas won’t be open until Fall 2016. To help others who are also grieving over the wait, Victor’s flagship restaurant, Jaguar at the Bistro, is currently open and accepting reservations. The drive out to Youngstown may be a bit of a drive, but we assure you it is worth the trip.

Las Puertas – Coming soon Fall 2016
385 Rhode Island St.
716 807 1141

Jaguar at the Bistro
Open for Lunch and Dinner – Wednesday – Sunday
110 Main St, Youngstown, NY 14174
716 745 7141

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