Not All Internships Are Boring

About two months ago was my first day as the Marketing and Communications intern at 19 IDEAS. I’ll be honest, starting my internship was a little nerve-racking, but I came into the agency with an open mind about what the next few months would hold. After finishing up my first few days with the company I was already comfortable with the people and the work environment. I knew I had an incredible experience ahead of me.

As a student at St. Bonaventure University, I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and Digital Media. Confident that the communications field is perfect for me, I still have had an indecisive feeling of what an ideal job would be. I’ve gone back and forth between multiple careers, but I’ve always come back to PR and marketing. I’m grateful that 19 IDEAS allowed me to explore both of these careers with their PR and Marketing teams. In seeing both sides of these collaborative groups, I’ve been able to have a better sense of what I want to do when I graduate.

From assisting in writing press materials, to creating an endless number of media lists (and I mean endless), I was able to get a glimpse of how the PR world operates. Working with the PR team has allowed me to take what I’ve learned in school and apply that knowledge in a professional atmosphere. One of my favorite experiences working with the PR team was attending a media tour for one of our clients – Richmond Ferry Church. Reporters, writers, photographers, and bloggers from around Buffalo attended this exclusive tour of this historic church that is being restored into a multipurpose arts campus. Experiencing and helping with an event like this was exciting, especially since it was extremely hands on and active within the community.

Richmond Ferry Church Media Tour


Pursuing a career in the marketing industry has also been an aspiration of mine. The fast-paced and creative industry is intriguing. On my first day, I was invited to join a brainstorming session with the marketing team. It was encouraging that my ideas weren’t just shoved to the side because I was the intern but they were considered along with everyone else’s. Aside from brainstorms, I also monitored new social media and digital marketing trends, while thinking of new marketing concepts for clients. The most exciting part of working with this team was sitting in on meetings to discuss new marketing strategies. I enjoyed listening to the collaboration of ideas and watching how the team solved the unique needs of each client.

As I leave 19 IDEAS, I have learned far more than I ever expected. I’ve heard stories about unfulfilling internship experiences like “coffee runs,” “staring at the computer doing nothing,” or “pointless and tedious work.” This internship was the opposite and allowed me to take my skills to a new level.

Aside from the business aspect of my internship, the agency welcomed me into their 19 IDEAS family with open arms. The atmosphere and culture of 19 IDEAS is solely built from its employees. The staff made me feel comfortable and part of the team, allowing my time here to be nothing short of great. From questionable yet relevant debates about chunky or creamy peanut butter, to delicious family dinners, I was reassured that a company could successfully maintain both a professional and fun environment.



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