Neighborhood Development: Richmond Ferry Church

We are thrilled to be working with the team at Richmond Ferry Church as they begin their renovation project, transforming the former Richmond Avenue Methodist-Episcopal Church into a multipurpose, one-of-a-kind arts campus. The project is expected to be completed in summer 2017.


The church, along with two adjacent structures, will house the Rosanna Elizabeth Visual and Performing Arts Center, as well as a business incubator for startups and collaborative businesses. The campus will also house art, community, dance, and music organizations, residential apartments, an art gallery, and event space. This hefty project involves a coordinated effort from local developers, contractors, artists, and designers, along with guidance from nearly 50 art, community, environmental and development advisors. The core developers, including owner and developer Rachel Heckl, Tyra Johnson Hux (owner of Blue Sky Concepts), and Emily Tucker (owner of the Benjaman Art Gallery), describe their vision for the campus as an enhancement to Buffalo’s vibrant arts community. They are extremely passionate about creating a collaborative space that will welcome artists of all genres, especially dance and movement artists.

As renovations are underway, members of the media received an inside look at the church this week. The tour presented the team’s historic restoration approach, which will preserve and utilize original architecture, design and materials from the church. Stay tuned for future developments!


IMG_0104 copy IMG_0105





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