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Tyler’s Tech Tips: Preview of Milanote

Milanote is a new take on digital note taking in a more visual workspace. Milanote takes questions from the likes of Evernote, Google Keep, Trello, OmniGraffle and your standard bulletin board, all in a nice user friendly web interface. Milanote market’s itself as: Milanote, The notes app for creative work.
Milanote laptop and mobile
Once in Milanote, you’re greeted with an infinite virtual pin board in which you can place and organize notes, links and images with card based styling. These notes can then be grouped together in customizable folders called boards and linked together in a flow chart. Where these boards really come into play is in their collaboration features, which allows groups of users to share ideas on the same board as if they were in the same room writing on a whiteboard.

Organizing an interview kanban style
Nesting your notes in columns following a more traditional Kanban style reminiscent of Trello-like apps

Inspiration boards in Milanote
Milanote starts to shine when layouts get more organic. You can organize your notes or inspiration in a way that fits your team or project.

Building a House in Milanote
When you start implementing the Milanote folder structure “boards” you begin to really flesh out the potential Milanote can offer.

Milanote Cycling Flow Chart

Milanote and My Workflow

Where I can see this app becoming useful is that you can quickly generate user flows, relationships, and site maps, allowing you to drop resources, copy, and inspiration all in one tight package.

When it comes to billing, Milanote allows you to create an account for free which covers management of 100 notes, images, or links to test drive the software. From there, you can upgrade to the service’s “Professional” account which is $12 per month annually and unlocks unlimited storage or their “Professional Team” tier which comes out to $10 per month annually per user. Users on the team can collaborate with each other and also enjoy unlimited storage.



Did You Know?

If you ever lose track of your cursor on a Mac (especially for those with many widows open and or multiple monitors) you can shake it using your mouse or track pad which will cause it to get large and animate letting you know right where it is.

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