Jr. Copywriter - 19 IDEAS

Jr. Copywriter

We’re looking for a regular, full-time Jr. Copywriter to bring bold words and big ideas to our even bigger portfolio of clients. This position is part of the Creative Team and reports to the Copywriter & Strategist.

What we need

  • A team player who can easily adapt
  • An innate willingness to learn
  • Strong, consistent ability to effectively communicate within written work

What we want

  • A positive, playful attitude to add to the office
  • Strong sense of time management and workload balance
  • A keen eye for creativity, detail and collaboration

The Jr. Copywriter will lend critical support to the Creative and Account teams for all written-based work and ideation.

Copywriting Duties:

  • Serve as supporting copywriter for specific 19 IDEAS clients and internal agency promotion work. Key responsibilities will include writing brand, sales and educational materials; collateral pieces; digital and print pieces; full web-refresh projects; campaign concepting; and video scripts.
  • Communicate directly with Copywriter & Strategist, Creative and Account teams during all phases of a project, including content outlines, revisions and feedback, and supplementary recommendations to further the work.
  • Carry out error-free copy and proofreading functions, using industry-standard proofing styles.
  • Provide copy and communications that are cohesive to clients’ brand and tone guides, as well as work with the larger team to maintain consistency throughout each project.
  • Maintain responsibility and thought-leadership throughout the creative writing process, as well as remain prepared for discussions and process explanations.
  • Present creative work, reasoning and best-practice communication strategies to Account Team and clients, when available.
  • Positively and efficiently adapt feedback into revision work, while keeping all changes organized and easily understood.
  • Stay atop industry, market, cultural and field trends to implement within creative work.

Additional Duties:

  • Contribute to weekly work-flow updates, both internally and client-facing, as well as attend a weekly internal Status meeting prepared to discuss project progress.
  • Foster and maintain a working relationship with 19 IDEAS team members, as well as clients through both direct and indirect contact.
  • Liaise, communicate and manage effectively between employees and senior management, including staying on top of emails and other internal communication and project management channels.
  • Utilize and update project management tools and software on a daily basis.
  • Keep all work-flow spaces and folders organized, with draft and final documents properly labeled and visibly edited, when necessary.

In addition to specific skills described, 19 IDEAS expects the following from all of its employees:

  • Work with purpose, and help communicate this company motto to clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Passion for your work and your career, and a demonstrated commitment to quality.
  • Enthusiasm for innovation and creating new products, and a willingness to learn.
  • Strong self-discipline with the ability and desire to work with a team and/or independently on multiple tasks across multiple projects.
  • Dependability, resourcefulness, and ability to meet hard deadlines.
  • Strong attention to detail and sharp problem-solving skills.
  • Personable and customer-service oriented at all times.
  • Stable under pressure, reacts well to change and stays positive.
  • Excellent organization and written/verbal communication skills.


  • Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in marketing or communications is preferred. English and Journalism degrees are encouraged to apply.
  • 1+ years of proven writing and content marketing experience in an advertising or marketing role; 3+ writing samples across a variety of clients and mediums must be submitted. Agency experience is strongly preferred.
  • Must have a portfolio of published work for review.
  • Understand the importance of consistency in brand and voice, adhering to standards and following internal brand style guidelines.
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills, along with a solid knowledge of proper punctuation, spelling and grammar, with proven cases of exceptional attention to detail.
  • Have a keen sense for ‘visual’ copywriting, as it relates to character counts and size parameters for all design work.
  • Command of the English language, including expert understanding of at least one industry-standard style guide; most recent AP preferred.
  • Demonstrate effective management of simultaneous projects that vary in size and scope in a fast-paced, collaborative team environment while meeting deadlines and staying on budget. Proof of workflow efficiency and process adherence is requested.
  • Experience with digital and social media, websites, video, SEO, inbound marketing and web writing is preferred.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, as well as project management and hour-tracking databases.