Insights from an Intern

Whenever I start something new, I ask myself a lot of questions: What will it be like? Who will I meet? Will parking be a problem? My mom says that’s me worrying too much. I think it’s just curiosity. Not only is it a blessing to be able to explore a new experience, but there’s just as much excitement when thinking about its potential. As soon as I walked through the doors of 32C Essex Street, I had a feeling that this new opportunity, my position as Marketing & Communications Intern at 19 IDEAS, would not be a disappointment.

From the first day in the office, I was thrown straight into agency life. Since my only working experience was with an in-house organization, I wanted to understand the agency side of things. I quickly discovered what it was really like to be able to think about different perspectives while swapping between assignments for different clients. No single day at 19 IDEAS was ever the same. Whether it was drafting blogs, creating media lists, or helping with the holiday party, I was always eager for my next task. One of the ways I knew that I was enjoying my time here was that my mind never drifted from the tasks I was assigned.

My favorite thing about 19 IDEAS is the company culture. Right from the beginning, I always felt welcomed. Instead of the stereotypical internship duties of making coffee and copies for other employees, I felt like I was contributing to the office workflow. When I think about what changes I have seen in myself since the start of the internship, I realize that working here has helped me to have more confidence in my work because of the support of my supervisors.

I once overheard a random business owner talking about how some companies don’t even like taking on interns because of the required paperwork and the potential to create even more work for the supervisors. During my interview over video chat (a first for me), I was asked what sorts of things I was looking for in an internship. As the semester progressed, I realized just how considerate my supervisor and team was to my wishes. Not only did they help me reach my goals, but they made sure I got as much exposure to the company as possible.

In addition to having a meaningful internship, I also got to hang out with some incredibly intelligent, fun, and creative people. Even some things the other employees might not consider to be a big deal—such as asking if I wanted in on some hot water for tea, or if I wanted have a go at a Ping-Pong game—really made me feel like I was welcomed as part of the team.

So to answer my own questions from the beginning: I had amazing experience, met a group of awesome people, and I never had to worry once about parking on Essex Street. I don’t think I could have had a better experience than I did as an intern at 19 IDEAS.

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