First Day on the Job, Chili Cook-Off

Starting a new job is a range of emotions – anxiety, nerves, excitement. I wasn’t expecting my first day at 19 IDEAS to also tap into my appetite. Family dinners happen once a month and I was informed that there would coincidentally be a chili themed dinner on my start date.

The invitation was exciting. I’d have a chance to get to know people in the office, pick their brains about life at 19 IDEAS, and of course, eat chili. At the same time, a family dinner also meant testing my cooking skills. I’m not a horrible cook, whipping up the basics is easy, but I am definitely no master in the kitchen. I kept going back and forth about the family dinner…”Should I seriously attempt to cook, and then make my new co-workers eat my horrible chili?” Talk about a bad first impression. After some internal debate, I went the safe route contributing Wegmans cookies and wine (can’t go wrong with wine and chocolate, right?)


It turned out that store bought dessert was the right decision. There was more than enough delicious, homemade chili to go around, 5 crock pots to be exact. We had all the bases covered…. vegetarian, turkey, super spicy, medium spice. I was extremely impressed with the people that I get to call my co-workers. Not only are they intelligent, personable, and can develop beautiful websites and graphics that I could never imagine doing, but they’re also amazing cooks! Thankfully, we had leftovers which meant chili nachos for the office the following day.
Food and beverages aside, I had a great first day on the job. The openness of the office makes it a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help each other out and there is a strong sense of team building. Any nerves I had during my commute to work were completely dissolved as the day went on. To top it off, the family dinner gave positive closure to a stimulating and some what overwhelming first day. It’s a fun bonding experience that is one of the many aspects that makes 19 IDEAS so exciting. I’m looking forward to the next dinner… who know’s, maybe I’ll attempt cooking.

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