Destination Marketing Summit: Does Your Website Suck?

19 IDEAS was proud to share insight about website and digital marketing practices at Visit Buffalo Niagara’s third annual Destination Marketing Summit. The full-day of presentations brought together some of the brightest minds in Western New York’s marketing and hospitality industries to shed light on new trends, tips and tools to improve marketing efforts. 19 IDEAS’ Marketing Director Charlie Fashana, Creative Director Amber Rampino and Digital Marketing Analyst Vince Marcello, discussed the significance of having a visible and strong website and digital strategy.

In today’s age, where roughly 80% of all consumer research is done online before making a purchase decision, a web presence can have a major impact on business goals. Your website could be the first – and last – interaction you have with a consumer. It could become a trusted resource for them. More than likely, it will become the primary determinant of how they perceive your brand – whether right or not. With a combination of functional design, sound digital marketing tactics, knowing your audience and effective measurement and optimization, businesses can see success from a strong online presence.

For a deeper look at the fundamentals of a solid website check out our full presentation from the Destination Marketing Summit:

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