Cooking with Krez

At 19 IDEAS, we have a very skilled team. Our in-house web development team involves both front-end developers and software developers doing technical work behind two to three screens each day. Very often, we like to pull them away from their screens and embrace their non-technical talents and personalities.

Last week, Krez Freas, a front end developer here, took to the kitchen and prepared one of the best feasts our office has ever seen!

Krez is the type of guy to keep four or five different hot sauces you’ve never heard of at his desk to put on all of his meals. He’ll look you dead in the eye and say, “Maybe you just wanna try one drop and see what it does to your mouth before you cover your burrito in that…”

With a passion for Latin and spice, he arrived with a laundry basket full of iron skillets, crock pots, cilantro, tortillas, limes, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, chorizo, chicken, jalapenos, beer, cheese, sour cream, avocados, herbs and spices galore and more!




And off to work he went on creating chorizo potato tacos, chicken tortilla soup, and chile verde. Dividing time between bringing client’s websites to life and pouring beer into the soup or throwing limes in the air to slice in half with a dangerously sharp knife, the office smelled amazing.

Without a doubt. This wasn’t just a, “Hey guys, I’m going to make tacos tonight.” Instead, it was the best Mexican I’ve ever had. As an added bonus, there were two days worth of leftovers!


We’re telling this story because it’s what makes 19 IDEAS different. When it’s time to bring our staff together, our kitchen is in the center of our wide open office. It brings people together to interact. Cooking the food we eat there introduces an element more special than dropping a pizza on the table. It turns coworkers into family the same way a kitchen will at home. That’s why we have “Family Dinners” here once a month for our team and our guests. Sometimes they’re potluck, other times we’re treated to meals like this, but ultimately, they accomplish the important task of team building by guaranteeing that not all of the conversations in this office are work-related. They’re also about food, sports, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. We have a few drinks, many laughs, and we leave the office refreshed and full, ready to come back the next day and have fun doing great work for our clients.

For Krez, it was an opportunity to share his passion for cooking Latin foods and wow us all in the meantime. Stop by for the next Family Dinner! We’d love to debate family origins of Rey, Sabres draft pick chances, or talk about an up-and-coming West Side, which we are so proudly based in.









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