Coffee Vs. Tea

Coffee and Tea are two sides of the same caffeinated coin that early birds and night owls see as a necessity. Both can be served hot or cold, sweet or bitter, and have abundant flavors. But will one reign supreme? We decided it would be fun to let two of our passionate connoisseurs valiantly defend their preferred beverages. Communications Coordinator Michael Puglia has built a solid case for tea, but Digital Director Dan Gigante will soon rebut with his case for a cup of Joe.

Let’s start from the top. Tea has been around for ages. Literally. For all my history buffs out there, the first cup of tea was brewed around 2327 B.C. Coffee didn’t rear its head until a couple thousand years later until the mid 15th century. Now, I’m no expert, but with all that experience, tea must be doing something right.

And how about all those health benefits you can reap each time you savor a cup? Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory flavonoids, immune system boosters, and metabolism jump-starters are just some of the many added bonuses that come from a cup of tea (aside from the caffeine it provides).

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Don’t just take my word as law.

“In addition to a superior taste, tea gives you so many benefits that coffee just can’t come close to,” said Brenda, and employee of Buffalo’s White Linen Tea House. “It is good for your bones, helps your skin and it has vitamin C to help give your immune system that extra push while tasting delicious.”

To be fair, I’m not sticking up my nose to coffee. I do enjoy an occasional hot cup of java to jumpstart my mornings, but I would much rather get my caffeine as a steady progression from tea. Plus, with the many different types of tea, each new blend creates an entirely new experience. Your move, coffee.

I was drawn to coffee for one reason only – caffeine. I didn’t start drinking coffee until about 10 years ago and I started drinking it as an alternative to drinking two 24 oz bottles of Mountain Dew a day. I tried caffeinated water at one point, and also caffeinated gum. When I started drinking coffee I had to use a lot of cream and sugar and actually gave up for a while and went back to the Dew because it had less sugar. But then I went back to coffee. Since then, I only drink it black. Which is the only way to drink, it in my opinion, as you can appreciate different beans and flavors.

But back to caffeine. It’s why coffee trumps tea for me. A cup of coffee has roughly twice as much caffeine as a cup of tea. I do drink tea every now and then, mostly if I’m feeling under the weather. But on a day-to-day basis, when I need that jolt to get started, I cherish a cup of coffee. Or a funnel.


But we want to hear from you. Take the poll yourself and share with your friends, family and coworkers to see which is truly the crowd favorite.

Coffee Vs Tea




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