Change your passwords & what you need to know about “Cloudbleed”

“Cloudbleed” is the term given to the latest internet bug causing all kinds of headaches. Remember the good old days of Y2K? Now we have “Cloudbleed” and recently “Heartbleed” leaking personal information throughout the internet.

What Happened?

To keep things brief, a bug in Cloudflare’s code (a technology used to secure and optimize website performance) has caused the leaking of personal data including:

  • Personal Information
  • Messages
  • Cookies
  • Passwords
  • and more…


The Good News

The code has been patched by Cloudfare, sealing off the vulnerabilities.

The Bad News

The data breach had been leaking data for months before the bug was noticed and subsequently patched. And large companies are involved, not just your mom and pop blogs. Some of these sites include:



How Can I Check If I Was Compromised?

To check out if sites you use were compromised by the bug can be checked with an easy to use utility called

What Should I Do?

At minimum you should change your passwords for any of the effected sites. The more you update the better. You should also use strong passwords that are randomly generated and hard to hack. Password generators make this really easy and Safari has one built-in now. I personally use 1Password to manage all my passwords and generate new passwords and keep them current. Password managers such as 1Password can keep track of all your secure passwords and track if the sites they are affiliated with have been compromised, if they haven’t been changed recently, and if they match the password of another site you use among many more features

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can easily convert anything on your Mac that can be printed into a PDF with no extra software? Here’s how:

  • Step One – Select print through the menu or pressing CMD+P
  • Step Two – Select the “PDF” dropdown in the lower left of the print dialog
  • Step Three – Choose the method of PDF delivery you’d like such as “Save as PDF” to anywhere on your computer or send it through various methods such as email
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