Catch Some Customers with Pokémon Go

Over the weekend, Nintendo pulled a Beyoncé-esque move and unexpectedly released their long-awaited Pokémon Go mobile game. Millions of new and old players – or  “trainers” – have downloaded, explored and walked miles to capture the highly collectible Pokémon, making traffic to the game surpass that of Twitter, Literally. What’s even more surprising is that Nintendo isn’t the only business reaping the benefits.

Pokéstops, as they are called, are real-life locations that Nintendo has weaved into the game. At these stops, trainers can get in-game items that normally cost real money for free. Here at 19 IDEAS, we have two stops a stone’s throw away from our office. We aren’t the only ones. Local businesses and landmarks have been dubbed Pokéstops, and quick-thinking companies are using these stops as a means to get people to their location.

Screenshot_20160711-170345 Pokestop at 19 IDEAS and Essex Arts Center: Essex Street, Buffalo
By alerting users via social channels or signage, these establishments are attracting avid Pokémon Go players to spend time on more than just catching Pokémon.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 3.23.59 PM
Pokestop at Larkin Square: 745 Seneca Street, Buffalo


Below, we have compiled simple steps on how to turn your business’ Pokémon quest into a lucrative marketing campaign.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

First, get acclimated with the game so you can accurately alert gamers that your business is near a stop. Own a café or bar? Make a Pokémon-themed drink. Manage a retail shop? Offer a discount for those who used the Pokéstop. Whatever you do, use the game as an avenue to appeal to the massive amount of players.

Lure in the Customers

Where there are more Pokémon, there are more people. Do your business a favor – if you are adjacent to a Pokéstop, use some of the in-game tools to attract more Pokémon near your business. Drop lures at your Pokéstop and broadcast it across social media to bring in groups of trainers.

Highlight Rare Pokémon Near You

People love rare things – especially rare Pokémon. Message boards are flooded with eager trainers searching for the locations of top-tier Pokémon. Showcase your customer’s rare captures on your social media to bring trainers through your doors. Come for the Pokémon, stay for the business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.28.37 PM


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