Buffalo Unconference

Buffalo Unconference 2016 is right around the corner on Saturday, April 16th, 2016. 19 IDEAS is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event – the 2nd Unconference to be held and what is now a yearly occurrence. Here’s a description of the event, lifted from their website, BuffaloUnconference.com:

“Buffalo Unconference is an interactive event with talks, demos, and plenty-of-time for discussions between attendees. Everyone is encouraged to participate, attendees create the agenda by presenting on topics that they love. Anyone with something to contribute or the desire to learn is welcome to join.”

The event is a continuation of the previous event series, BarCamp Buffalo, which held 7 or 8 events between 2007 and 2014. Kudos to Steve Poland for organizing the first 5 or so events; I was happy to help organize the last event in 2013 with friends Nicholas Barone and Clark Dever.

Personally, I love the events as they’re very informal, as the name “Unconference” is meant to imply. Though casual, the event is still informative and fun. BarCamp events are primarily focused on technology, or the web, but are participatory events where all of the content is provided by the participants. The name is a nod to the programmer slang term “foo-bar” and actually has nothing to do with a bar or beer. However the first handful of events that Steve put together were at bars or restaurants which was definitely entertaining and unique. Rochester has had many BarCamps over the years, usually at RIT, and were true to the BarCamp form. I was glad to see Clark morph BarCamp Buffalo into Unconference last year and this year he’s turned the reigns over to Tyler Flemming. It’s great to see new faces involved in running some of the events around town.

Some of my past talks were about adding Facebook comments to any page, and “30 things in 30 minutes” which was basically 30 different life hacks. This year I’ll be presenting on “How donating a quarter of a million dollars helped my agency.” If you’re free Saturday you should try to stop by, and if you have something interesting to talk about you should consider presenting. There are openings for both attendees and speakers – just make sure you head over to the website to register. I hope to see you there.


feature image courtesy of: Peter Cimino

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