Buffalo, NY: The New Tech Hotspot for Western New York

Buffalo, NY is experiencing a technological renaissance which has led to incredible growth and opportunities. The Queen City is quickly becoming the hub for tech savvy startups and venture capitalists looking to make a name for themselves. The rust belt is quickly transforming to the tech belt.

What is fueling this positive transition?


Social Media

Social Media helps to bring creative minds together to collaborate and build new technologies and services. With the median age of a Buffalo resident being 33 years old, according to city-data.com, it’s no surprise that so many young professionals are connecting and applying their collective talents towards making Buffalo a tech giant.


Economic Development Initiatives such as 43 North and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, both clients of 19 IDEAS, are two of the powerhouses that are leading the rebranding of Buffalo as the go to city for entrepreneurs. With $5 million dollars in prizes available to startups through 43 North and continuing sweeping revitalization of Buffalo’s downtown through Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, the economic growth of Buffalo is intensifying each year.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Buffalo has long been enjoyed by its residents. Businesses are starting to realize the advantages of this cost of living as well and how it can be used as a recruiting tool when attracting new talent to the region. According to renjungle.com, average cost of a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,096 per month. Average cost of a one bedroom apartment in Buffalo according to rentjungle.com is $841 per month. So where would you like to live and build your tech empire? As a business entrepreneur the choice is clear.

Brain Power

Buffalo has always had a thriving college scene. UB, Buff State, Canisius, D’Youville, and Medaille are just some of the great colleges in the area that have attracted talent from around the world. 19 IDEAS is currently working with Trocaire College on a comprehensive new website to attract more students to the technological programs they offer as well. In the past, graduates would take their skills elsewhere in hopes of starting and growing a career. With the shift in Buffalo becoming a center for innovation and growth, we are in a better place than ever before to retain those graduates and have them build something great right here in Buffalo.


In the past couple of years, Buffalo has radically shifted its attitude from a “woe is us” mind set to “we can do anything… bring it”. Young professionals are leading this shift in attitude by starting new tech and marketing companies which in turn has led to job growth and positive press for the city. As Buffalo continues to build up its confidence and reshape its identity as a leader in innovative tech services, the can do/will do attitude will continue to get stronger.

Buffalo, NY Skyline Photograph: Credit to Buffalo.edu

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