Buffalo in B/W by Stephanie Dubin

After reviewing the submissions from our call for artists earlier this month, 19 IDEAS is pleased to announce that we are now showcasing Stephanie Dubin’s “Buffalo in B/W” series to end our gallery’s 2016 exhibition period.

We felt that these black and white photos, all taken in downtown Buffalo, were a perfect fit for the winter season. The shades, tones and shadows of the photos naturally complement the rustic brick in our office.

My personal favorite in the collection is the close-up shot of the M&T Center at Buffalo Place. Even though the iconic gold isn’t visible, the dome is still very recognizable to any Buffalonian. I also love that the collection showcases the beautiful architecture that helps define our city. It gives us the reminder that there’s still so much to stop and admire in our daily lives.

Picture3As a rising star in the Buffalo art scene, Dubin is known for her use of color and space in her photography. These talents make social media a perfect avenue for her to showcase her talents. That’s why her Instagram account was personally selected by Step Out Buffalo as one of 8 Amazing Buffalo Instagram Accounts You Didn’t Know Existed. Her established presence here is just one sign of her growing success as an artist in the Buffalo community.

If you want to see “Buffalo in B/W” in person, feel free to stop by our office! Visit Stephanie’s website to learn a little more about her and explore her other works. After you check out her website, make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

The mission of the 19 IDEAS Gallery is to highlight local talent and provide a space for artists to display their work. Selected works will be displayed to 19 IDEAS staff, clients, guests and friends. General submissions and proposals for future shows are accepted on an ongoing basis.


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