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Your Copywriter Is Write

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“So, what do you do?”

“Oh, like copyright law? Cool.”


Being a copywriter is weird. It’s like that middle section between being a magician and being an illusionist: one hand does the grunt work, while the other’s objective is to remain unseen – all without the fluffy white bunny and special hat.

We are important, she says through gritted teeth. Think about it: You’re reading this right now, eyes scanning each passing letter, pause, space, comma, and making educated assumptions about which word will come next. Banana. Disruptions like that just don’t fit in this world – and they shouldn’t in your business copy either. So, while your interjections of nonsense may not be as apparent as the potassium-filled surprise that appeared one breath ago, they may be the prickly monsters hiding in your website copy, your social content, and your emails – without you even knowing it.

Copy can be words or, rather, copy can bring a brand’s personality to life.


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So, why a copywriter?

Because we know the monsters: we’ve fought them, we’ve beaten them, we’ve been them. As writers, we have been trained, strained, and chained to the craft that other people cloak on in a byline.  And we’re worth it. We give your brand its voice – internally and externally – which is directly tied to its equity within your consumer base and community. Those brands you look up to? They trust people like us to be the keepers of this craft. When your brand voice is the perfect ratio of approachable and knowledgeable, you’ve found the sweet spot.

If it’s all in the wrist, then writing is certainly all in the gist. Every molehill matters: sentence case, title case, punctuation soup, italics, comedy, emojis, and acts for or against the Oxford Comma. The choices are there for the taking, so lassoing endless options to create a solid standard are what helps to keep your voice in check and your audience listening. While we don’t recommend never expanding and trying new things, there’s a danger in pulling your leash too tight away from your brand’s signature. As an adult, you probably have a “signature scent,” too – so think of it as one and the same. You should always be recognizable and memorable every time you pass by a consumer.

Consider brands like Trader Joe’s, Kellogg’s, Warby Parker, Vitamin Water, and fill in the blank. They all marry together the notion that humor and humility – or a personalized combination –  is the ultimate way into someone’s wallet. You’d be suited to do the same, too. Or rather, to hire a copywriter to find your right soluble mix. If you know what you like, but you don’t know how to do it, you pay for it, right? Since you wouldn’t try to sew your own custom suit, you shouldn’t attempt to write copy without a professional nearby either. Just altogether avoid the unnecessary hazard of threading sentences and needling buzzwords and throw over the spool.


Screenshot of Trader Joe's taters blog post


Let us slam the keys. Let us take the criticism. Let us navigate the waters. Let us create your damn style guides (if you don’t know what that is, consider letting us bump your mom down to speed dial #2). And let us take your copy and turn it into something that matters. Because words count – don’t let them count against you.

So, hire us. That way you can be right, and we can be writers.

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