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Micro-Moments and How Your Business Can Use Them

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Have you ever wanted to know the location of the nearest grocery store? Think about where you would turn to get this information. Where would you go to find out about the best kind of running shoe? If you’re like most people, you probably picked up your smartphone and asked the internet what you wanted to know.

This is what Google refers to as a Micro-Moment.

A Micro-Moment is said to occur when a consumer is driven to learn, read, buy or watch something and turns to a mobile device to do so. The population has increasingly incorporated short, frequent smartphone searches into their days, as the 96% of survey respondents who use their smartphone to get things done will tell you, using online search as the first resource for most inquiries.

Consumers are information-hungry and expect immediate satiation. However, while they may take the time to seek out the information, they rarely dedicate much to digesting it. With a healthy appetite for curiosity and an attention span that’s on a diet, businesses need to deliver the right information and do it quickly. In the brief period of time that consumers are viewing the results of their search, they are exposed to content that will inform and influence their decisions.

grid of questions and answers
The FAQ section on McDonalds’ website is robust – informal, yet informational.

Micro-Moments present companies with an incredible opportunity: Get in front of consumers just as they are looking for an answer and be the one to provide it. Moments like these that help shape how you are positioned in the mind of a consumer and can have a major impact on how a potential customer views your brand. Within a saturated market, this sense of immediacy makes it that much more important to capitalize on these moments at a critical part in the customer journey.

Timing is said to be everything and Micro-Moments are no exception.

Be in the Micro-Moment

So, as a business, how can you make sure that you are fully taking advantage of reaching consumers through Micro-Moments?

mcdonalds google search
What comes up when you search for your business? When you type “McDonalds” into Google, the first result is an Ad for McDonald’s website with links to the menu, store locator and more. There’s also a map of nearby locations and the sidebar is populated with accurate information related to the company.

Know what and when

The most valuable exercise is to predict what consumers will be asking or looking for and to be there when they do so. This requires a true understanding of who your desired audience is, gained through research and utilization of analytics to understand web behavior. Once you determine what will be searched and when, you can work to get yourself in front of users and ahead of competitors in the search results.

mcdonalds google search
As a fast food establishment, menu visibility is major.
Not only is search the most used resource, it’s the resource 87% of people turn to first.

Provide the right content

If you are successful in grabbing the limited attention of a user, you will want to provide them with useful and relevant content that will keep them engaged. Here, you can satisfy the customer by providing them with the information that they are seeking while simultaneously making an impression through how you present it to them. Position yourself as a resource that offers valuable information through search-page snippets, responses to reviews and a robust FAQ section — any way to present users with as much content in as little time as possible.

graphic of sandwiches from mcdonalds
McDonalds has made their menu easy to access and navigate within a few short clicks.

Go mobile

Ensure that your online presence is strategic and content is optimized to be viewed and interacted with on mobile devices. With most of the population keeping their smartphone with them at all times, it becomes the natural and most convenient source to turn to and you’ll want to make sure that your information can be accessed with ease.

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The experience has been optimized for mobile, too. 70% of smartphone owners who bought something in a store first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase.

Consumers are using their smartphones to drive purchase decisions now more than ever before. Micro-Moments present the perfect opportunity to influence users who possess an open mindset while seeking out information in instances of rapid research. Being able to anticipate the search intentions of users before they take place will put a business in the best position to prepare for these moments — big or small.

Despite it being a Micro-Moment, it can mean so much more to the consumer and, in turn, your brand.

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