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How to Be Effective at YouTube Advertising in 2023

How to Be Effective at YouTube Advertising in 2023

Video continues to be the top-performing content form in 2023. Today, everyone is prioritizing motion-based content, from bite-sized pieces on TikTok and Instagram Reels to longer-form videos published across the web. And while more platforms are adapting to meet the video trends of the time, tried-and-true YouTube continues to be the centralized hub—and not just for organic content. YouTube advertising is a powerful avenue that heightens awareness through the strategic delivery of video content.

Since its inception in 2005, the site has built a sustained following of viewers and creators alike, consistently (and exponentially) increasing its total website visits year-over-year. In November of 2022, Statista reported 11.7B U.S. visits to YouTube—a sign that the pioneering site is setting the industry standard. With great metrics comes great advertising opportunities for brands big, small, and anywhere in between.

Why advertise on YouTube 

If the 11.7B annual viewers weren’t enough to sway you toward YouTube advertising, keep reading.

Invested Community

YouTube’s community has created genuine connections between creators and viewers. Each creator maintains a publishing schedule viewers follow eagerly. This mimics the habits of 90s TV viewers who made it a point to tune in at designated times each week. At the end of each video, the platform suggests creators, which funnels viewers to new creators or channels—like yours.

Interest-inspired Ad Strategies

No matter how niche the interest is, there’s a good chance YouTube has at least one video about it. In most cases, there are far more. As users consume videos based on interests and hobbies, YouTube captures their patterns and builds hyper-specific audiences. Brands interested in advertising on YouTube can tap into these hyper-specific audience groups to deploy highly-targeted paid strategies that funnel users directly to your product or service.

Cost-Effective Options

As more channels become monetized, platforms aim to entice brands with competitive advertising offerings. YouTube is no exception. YouTube advertising can be more affordable than paid search or banner ads, depending on the keywords used. The platform provides scalable paid options, allowing advertisers to run ads tailored to the size and timing of their budget.

Ways to advertise on YouTube

Incorporating Organic Content

Your YouTube advertising strategy should blend paid ads with organic video content. This tasteful balance fosters connections with your current subscribers while cultivating new followers outside of your existing following. New followers are earned and ushered through your sales funnel with additional in-market tactics.

Partnering With Influencers

Influencers talk the talk so your customers can walk the walk … straight to your products or services. Forging partnerships with YouTube influencers puts your brand in front of a larger following with a vested interest in a topic that aligns with your products or services. When done right, an influencer’s content leverages their trusted authority to boost your credibility within their community.

Exploring Shorts

Shorts are YouTube’s answer to Meta’s Reels and TikTok. These short videos run under 60 seconds and give viewers a concentrated dose of a specific topic. Unlike traditional long-form videos, these succinct pieces can be shot, edited, and uploaded from a mobile phone, simplifying content generation for your team. 

Getting You On YouTube

Your YouTube advertising efforts should be built around your audience’s interests and how your products connect with them. Our experienced ability to develop a working strategy for you can get you in front of the “who” by developing video creative that answers the “how.” We apply a careful combination of tactics once we understand your brand and its users, and we do it with memorable creative.

Today, most meaningful consumer interactions happen in the digital space. They target your audience precisely where they are—on or off YouTube. Regardless of your audience, there’s a way to reach them online and not doing this effectively and strategically with measurable results puts your brand behind its competitors.

The right tactics, creative, and messaging give your organization credibility, but your digital strategy ensures it’s seen, heard, and working.

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