Beer Can Appreciation Day

When the office heard that we would be looking for cool beer can designs for our Beer Can Appreciation Day blog, there was no shortage of volunteers to help with the research. Some team members spent their nights researching can after can (or bottle after bottle), until our favorite designs were uncovered (and tasted). OK…maybe that was just me.

We gathered up some our favorite beer can designs for your enjoyment. Cheers!

My Pick:
Lost Forty Brewery, Pale Ale
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to shave with a hatchet? Me too.


Tyler’s Pick:
Westbrook Brewing Company, White Thai
Interesting illustrations paired with vibrant colors. Each beer of the series is color coded with similar illustrations, making the design memorable. 

Michael’s Pick:
Fort Point Beer CompanyKölsch Style Ale
The can sports a minimalist design with Art Deco influences, creating a beer can that looks equally as good as the beer it holds inside.

Dan’s Pick:
Community Beer Works, That IPA
A.) It’s my favorite beer
B.) It’s local
C.) I like the design and that it’s about the city

Jon’s Pick:
Miller Brewing Company, High Life
Effortlessly cool, from lawnmower riding to fine dining. Why choose between beer and champagne when you can have both?

Amber’s Pick:
10 Barrel Brewing Co., Cucumber Crush
Described as a “crushable sour,” this design is simple but speaks volumes – just like the taste. 
Pasted image at 2017_01_18 01_54 PM

Charlie’s Pick:
21st AmendmentHell or High Watermelon
With a brewery name like 21st Amendment (the amendment to the constitution that repealed prohibition), I think Lady Liberty defiantly sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge (brewery is in San Francisco) is a great tie to their brand and name, their location and the beer. It tells the whole story. Colors are eye catching and appealing on a shelf too.

Brian’s Pick:
21st AmendmentBack in Black
Paul Revere inspired, with great illustrations and typography for a beer can. Dark, rebellious, and damn patriotic. What’s not to love?

Bridget’s Pick:
Black, classic with great brand recognition. And…it’s always a lovely day for a Guinness.

Dave’s Pick:
Goldhawk, Pale Ale
Though I don’t dabble in beers (and it’s beer can appreciation day, not bottle), this bottle reflects a elegant, clean, and noble bearing. The clear label sticker creates an awesome contrast between the design and the beer within.

Kevin’s Pick:
Southern Tier Brewing Co., 2XSmash
A double IPA that packs a punch. I like the visibility and the bold text – it’s in your face!
Packaging Photographs 2010/2011

Sultan’s Pick
Magic Hat Brewing Company, anything.
With bright colors and custom illustrations, all of Magic Hat’s beers are unique, eye-catching and so cool!

The Office favorite: 
Labatt USA, Zubaz cans
Though Buffalo’s football season may have been lacking, the beer was not. Labatt USA took a print synonymous with awesomeness, and put it on their cans. An instant favorite.

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