Are You Slacking at Work?

On my first day as the Marketing and Communications Intern at 19 IDEAS, I could tell that “slacking” meant something different in this office. Communication app, Slack not only streamlines communication, it makes the job as a whole, easier. For those not familiar with Slack, it is a solution for internal team communication and collaboration. Members can share thoughts, tasks, files and ideas with ease. It is literally a giant a chat room app for your business.


What is Slack messenger?

The instant messaging app continues to grow in popularity with both large and small companies, teams and students. Since February of 2014, the number of Slack users has jumped from 16,000 to a vast 2.7 million in April of 2016. 800,000 of those users have paid accounts, such as Spotify, LinkedIn and NASA.

Recently, Slack has introduced users to a voice and video chat feature for those who have the desktop app. To activate this useful tool, the team owner can do so through the Team Settings page. A maximum of 15 members can join in on a call.


How does it work?

In order to start collaborating, Slack channels need to be opened by a team member. Channels are created for a project, a certain team or topic, and just about anything else. These outlets allow numerous people within the company to discuss and elaborate on different tasks and projects. Also, it’s a great way to get a hold of people fast, rather than trying to hunt them down in the office.


Work and play on Slack

19 IDEAS’ Slack account is unique to say the least. It has numerous channels, most for work and a couple random treats. The casual threads include coffee and food, which lets everyone know when fresh coffee is made or when there is food up for grabs. There is also a channel dedicated to a movie quote guessing game and my personal favorite, the random channel for quirky articles, funny pictures and GIFs. I couldn’t help but read some of the past conversations on ‘random’ and found myself holding in laugh after laugh. Yes, we are at work, but everyone deserves a good laugh or two.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.05.58 PM
19 IDEAS’ ‘GIF’ Slack channel
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