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Halloween is upon us and it has got us at 19 IDEAS feeling nostalgic for the spooky seasons of yesteryear. Enjoy this gallery of costumes featuring some of our team members, their families and the stories behind them.

Gem and the Instagram-Ready Look

Halloween 1985. I would have been 6 years old and in 1st grade. I was an ’80s rocker inspired of course by Gem and the Holograms, which was released only a few short weeks prior to that Halloween on October 6, 1985. I always liked being on the cutting edge, and this is where that landed me in 1985. I’d like to note the best part about this costume are the sunglasses. If you look closely, you’ll see that they had essentially “earrings” attached to them. When you put the glasses on, there was a chain that wrapped behind your ear and dropped a big hoop of the same black and white pattern as the glasses. I thought I was so cool. Funny enough, I still enjoy sunglasses that are big and bold to this day.

– Katie Krawczyk, Chief Executive Officer

Food Fight

Apparently our kids have very different sentiments towards dressing up as food.

Charlie Fashana, Chief Operating Officer

Belle of the Ball

Me absolutely annihilating this Belle from Beauty and the Beast look.

Kelly Rosenfeld, Designer

Chickened Out

Not Pictured: the yellow rubber gloves hot glued to flip flops to look like chicken feet because I was too embarrassed to wear them to school.

Samantha Epps, Digital Marketing Associate

Batman AND Robin?

Sam: Are Batman and Robin from two years apart?

Michael: I believe so!

Sam: Neat.

Michael: Also happy to see that the Elmo in the background literally didn’t move for 12 months.

Michael Puglia, PR & Marketing Manager

Hakuna Matt-ata

Attached is an ancient photo of me when I was a kid. I’ve never really been into Halloween and never dress up or go out for it, so this is the best I could find from old photos. I was obsessed with the Lion King and even had a life-size stuffed animal of Simba that took up my whole bed. I begged my mom to buy me the costume and paint my face even though I knew I would break out like crazy from makeup.

It was totally worth it. 

Matt Dewey, Designer

It’s Pretty Much My Favorite Costume

It was my favorite costume because Napoleon Dynamite was and still is my favorite movie. Also I wore my grandpa’s moon boots.

Lauren Zazzara, Copywriter

Is It a Costume If It’s Worn Everyday?

This chick loved her first recital costume so much she demanded to wear it again and again, mostly to peddle for gifts and candy if the holiday allowed. I did grow into my tights, I did not ever look this good again.

Theresa Donnelly, Copywriter & Strategist

It’s Not Who You Are Underneath, It’s What You Do That Defines You

I tried to save money and ordered my costume from Target when it was on sale. They sent me a child size. I am now the proud owner of two hot dog costumes.

Hannah Lin, Designer

Painting Brought to Life

This is the year I dressed up as art work by Tara McPherson. This one of her paintings, The Love Space Gives Is as Deep as the Oceans.

Amber Rampino, Creative Director

We Welcome you to Munchkinland

Halloween has been a big deal for my entire family for as long as I can remember. Here I am as the Tin Man in my family’s take on The Wizard of Oz. The costume was impossible to get off and took a good chunk of my hair with it when it was finally extracted from my body. The only reason my Mom isn’t in the picture is because The Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie and she had to be heavily sedated after seeing all of us in costume.

Sam Scarcello, Marketing & Content Manager

Homemade Halloween

I had to dig for a classic. The only other thing to say is that my mom made this costume along with every other halloween costume I wore until I was old enough to know what Party City was.

Vince Marcello, Digital Director

Ruth Barker Ginsburg

This is Ellie who likes to honor strong, historical women.

Ellie, Director of Belly Rubs

Bonus Gallery

Don’t think for a second that we’d forget about our costumed canine companions. Ellie, Archer, Gabe and all of us at 19 IDEAS wish you a Happy Halloween!

Sam Scarcello
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