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Our work and its impact is continuing to grow – and so is our team. We are proud to announce that Vince Marcello, our Digital Marketing Manager, has been promoted to Digital Director. This move represents our continued commitment to the everchanging digital space and all that it brings to us and our clients.

With Vince leading the charge, 19 IDEAS has proudly – and uniquely – created a diverse and able team that continuously delivers successes to our clients and community alike. This distinctive composition is what sets us apart.

Strategy meets execution

Continuing to build on his existing leadership, our Digital Director is at the helm of translating long-term goals into direct action plans. Working closely with clients like Trocaire, Bank of Akron, HUNT Real Estate and Invest Buffalo Niagara, he is able to meld company goals with ingredients of expertise which allow for direct and obvious impacts. That rings true throughout the ways he connects the greater team, too.

Our Digital Marketing Associate, Content & Marketing Manager, Front-End Developer and Project Manager all work in tandem to create experiences that bring meaningful, measurable results to the table – and to fruition – for our company and clients. From strategy and creative content to web development and end-to-end management of it all, our Digital team is consciously integrated in such a way that creates seamless experiences and relationships.

Collaboration meets results

This integration goes deeper than just idea shares. With unique perspectives and efficiencies, each member of our Digital team continuously helps make the vast digital space a place for innovation. It’s in the ways that our Front-End Developer, Brian, offers his perspective on initiatives like inbound marketing to create a seamless experience. Or how our Digital Marketing Associate, Samantha, and our Content & Marketing Manager, Sam, are involved throughout the web process to ensure the site is effective and consistent with organic and paid social and search efforts. And, of course, it’s how we rely on our Project Manager, Rob, to keep it all humming to course while keeping clients apprise. 

19 IDEAS is exceptionally proud of our Digital team, its strong efforts and talents, and the new leader who will keep moving the needle forward. Read the full 19 IDEAS announcement here.


19 IDEAS is a New York State Woman-Owned Business that believes in the power of integration. With specialties in design, development, marketing and PR, we fuse strategy together with creative solutions to discover the possibilities for our community and our clients.

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