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As a college freshman, one of my main priorities was to begin building a résumé filled with valuable working experience that will lead to a fulfilling career. During my winter break, I began exploring internship opportunities in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. After a lengthy and arduous searching process, a gem appeared in the form of an open Marketing and Communications Intern position with 19 IDEAS. While surfing their website, I became more intrigued with the idea of being a part of this blossoming business. Apparent amongst the entire team were the qualities of proficiency, strong leadership, and a willingness to help others.

Before my first year of college concluded, I received the position and was sitting comfortably with this amazing opportunity – that feeling of comfortability never left me. Upon entering the top-floor suite of a quaint brick building in the heart of Buffalo, I was promptly welcomed with open arms (and sometimes, paws). I quickly began to feel like an appreciated member of the team as I became acquainted with colleagues, allowed in on meetings, and assigned to projects.

It was such an enriching experience to work with prominent companies whose services I’ve used before. I was tasked with compiling a file of relevant articles and news coverage our clients received in the Upstate New York area as well as general information pertaining to their field. Our team also assisted with a comprehensive rebrand, and I was assigned with auditing websites to ensure they contained the business’s updated information. I reviewed location addresses and phone numbers to see if they were up to date, omitted the old company name from websites, and accounted for new locations. At times, I was also able to help manage our clients’ social media platforms to promote their services.

My assignments propelled me to discover how different tactics that make up the marketing world suit me, such as focusing on dissecting customer tendencies, prospecting for future clients, researching competitors, and utilizing data to decide what’s best for the client. My ability during this internship to use advanced media monitoring tools for research was instrumental in my realization. The ability to calculate the dollar amount of the publicity value for a certain article or snippet of news is remarkable. I find it of the utmost importance to inform clients and customers about the value of products or services.

Working with 19 IDEAS has firmly cemented my passion for working for a company that’s main purpose is to help others. Marketing is about more than just selling a product — it’s about what we can do for our clients and beyond. Here at 19 IDEAS, we are a team, and that was one of the most fulfilling aspects of interning here. The client is purchasing our creativity, intelligence, and production – they’re purchasing our talents.

With this incredible experience, I plan on applying my knowledge at school, new working opportunities, and future business endeavors. I hope to find a niche in the marketing and communications field where I can use my newly acquired skills to help myself and clients succeed.

-Connor Williams


19 IDEAS is a New York State Woman-Owned Business that believes in the power of integration. With specialties in design, development, marketing and PR, we fuse strategy together with creative solutions to discover the possibilities for our community and our clients.

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