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After a no-good, very bad, rotten winter during which we were consistently buried under snow, it seems that Buffalo is finally being rewarded with beautiful weather — just in time for the Fourth of July. Here at 19 IDEAS, our team will be taking advantage of the holiday (and the day after) to spend much-needed time soaking up some vitamin D.

Whether partaking in summertime festivities or lounging under the sun, here are some of our plans for our mini vacation.


We’ll be celebrating the long weekend soaking up the sun, seeing friends, and going to Canada.


We’re considering escaping to Canada to avoid the fireworks as Ellie isn’t a fan.


Besides seeing fireworks with the kids, I’ll be enjoying pool party after pool party after pool party.


This week is jam packed … We were in Brooklyn for a wedding, Tuesday was Hank’s (my partner) birthday, Thursday we’re going up to Lake Ontario to spend some time with family (and continue eating pie/birthday celebrations), and then we are coming home to throw an engagement dinner for friends this weekend.

The actual day of the 4th we’ll be at Hank’s parents’ lakeside cottage with his family and my dog. His mother keeps a wonderful garden that’s a bit of a sanctuary overlooking Lake Ontario.


I’ll be having a pool party with the kiddos!


This Fourth of July, Gabe (my dog) and I will be partaking in a relaxing weekend full of car updates and lawn games (read: drinking wine on my porch).


For the Fourth, I’ll probably be spending some time catching up with a friend who is in from out of town. I don’t have any solid plans beyond that … yet.

Sam S.

We are closing our shop (Public Espresso) for the day and will spend the morning doing some much-needed equipment maintenance and deep cleaning.

I’ll spend the rest of the day by the pool making pizzas on my dad’s new pizza oven and listening to good music.

Sam E.

I’m going to Presque Isle, a camping grounds and park area in Erie, PA, with my family for barbequing and biking.


Concerts and boats and hotdogs, oh my! I plan on keeping friends close and skin damage from sunburn closer.


I’m planning to spend a day exploring the Toronto Islands for some biking and beaching. Otherwise, I’ll be outside catching up on my to-be-read list, doing some yoga and probably getting cranky when it gets too hot out.


An overnight in Canada may be on my agenda. Stranger Things 3 will also likely be part of my weekend.


I’ll be celebrating both Canada Day and the Fourth with family during that very patriotic weekend!


I’ll be enjoying BBQs and pool parties at my parents’ and friends’ houses.


My little sister, Stacy, and I will be spending a few days in NYC. My intention is to eat our way through Manhattan. Restaurants on the list: Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Mission Chinese, and a David Chang place.


I’ll be kicking this little stretch off with a ‘90s bang at the Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eats World concert at Artpark.


I don’t like fireworks. They’re scary and loud, and I try to hide. So this year, mom and dad promised me we’d go to Canada to avoid the loud booms.

The Fourth of July is the epitome of summertime, and our team is looking forward to soaking it all in and taking some time to recharge our creative juices. We hope you and yours have a happy Independence Day!


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