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Starting a new job or internship can always be nerve-racking, but when I walked into 19 IDEAS for the first time, all my nerves disappeared. The office’s open space helps fuel creativity and teamwork and I was immediately treated like a professional and assigned to help with multiple projects. Even just during my first week as the Marketing and Communications Intern I was allowed in on meetings and calls which helped me already feel like an important part of the team.

Receiving my Marketing degree from Niagara University has had its twists and turns and was not at all what I expected it to be. At 18 years old, I assumed marketing in practice was all about branding, logos, and fun slogans. It was a shock to find out that’s not all it is. During my time at school, and especially my time here, I’ve discovered that the work behind the curtain was just as exciting. In the past few months here I’ve learned about the different parts of research and client coverage, all the way to account management and creating websites.

From the get-go, I was told that anything I would like to learn about I could just ask and they would teach me. This opened up my experience to different aspects of marketing and communications that aren’t taught in schools. The opportunity to see something I want to know more about, and to actually learn about it was new and exciting. Previously, I had never seen the backend of a website, but was able to see how it works and how things get edited and published.

I’ve been very lucky to get to work with some of the clients at 19 IDEAS such as WellNow Urgent Care, HUNT Real Estate and the Buffalo City Mission. Seeing the work that I do for them actually being implemented has been such a rewarding experience. I’ve sat in on a few meetings for WellNow Urgent Care and have seen firsthand how these meetings are conducted professionally, as well as all the work that is put into certain events and advertisements.

The people at 19 IDEAS are smart, welcoming, hard-working and they never hesitate to give me feedback that will help me fulfill my potential. From listening to conversations about Game of Thrones and the newest weird social media trend, to all the dogs I’ve met along the way, I am very grateful for the past few months at 19 IDEAS.

I am looking forward to a future in the marketing and communications industry in the next year, and putting all of my new-found skills to good use.


19 IDEAS is a New York State Woman-Owned Business that believes in the power of integration. With specialties in design, development, marketing and PR, we fuse strategy together with creative solutions to discover the possibilities for our community and our clients.

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