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The final season of HBO’s swords and dragons epic premieres in a few weeks. So far, we’ve seen a lot of losers in this supposed “game” meet their end in a variety of gruesome ways. It made us wonder if anyone can truly win in Game of Thrones?

Season 8 will, no doubt, be full of many emotional, physical and morally ambiguous wins for audiences to cheer for, but once the dust and snow settles and someone (or something) claims the Iron Throne, the aftermath will surely be a PR nightmare. No matter who that is, they’ll have some explaining to do. Let’s not dwell on the fact that the Seven Kingdoms have no forms of traditional media – newspapers, social media or broadcast news – but word has to travel one way or another and we want to ensure the right messages are reaching the right people.

At 19 IDEAS, we understand the different needs and nuances tied to each type of interaction. Communicating a message and protecting this future victor’s reputation is of utmost importance.

HBO isn’t taking any chances with revealing how the final season will end: promotional materials have been reserved to just a couple of trailers with character posters emphasizing the hashtag #ForTheThrone. These posters rule out any possibility of revealing spoilers because they give every character who’s still alive and vying for the throne a chance to sit atop it. Arya, Cersei, the Night King, and even Sam Tarly, perhaps in a moment of extreme wish fulfillment, gets his chance to shine.

If the Lannister’s retain their rule over Westeros, we would plan for a fair amount of damage control. Cersei’s reputation among the public isn’t strong, though her appetite for public appearances might be limited, not that we’d blame her. Perhaps there isn’t a celebratory parade or enormous feast, but a well-written speech could go a long way to gaining back some public favor.

If the Night King pulls off an upset, we anticipate a cold reception and therefore suggest deviating from the time-tested uniform march. Maybe tear down more walls as an act of goodwill and transparency for his lively subjects?

It’s too early to know who might prevail, but 19 IDEAS is ready to help tell that story. Whether it’s dragons, the powers of the Faceless Man, brute force, or brains over brawn that leads someone to rule over the Seven Kingdoms, our team will help unpack the background, differentiators, sensitivities and opportunities to inform how, when and where to communicate. Even in the cold winter.

Public relations is a science beyond any one service. Our approach gets at the very foundation of how individuals and brands communicate. We work with you to recommend and educate on best practices and approach to communicate with confidence in any scenario – expected and unexpected.

“Valar Morghulis” has nothing on us keeping stories alive.

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