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Introducing Bank of Akron: one of 2018’s newest clients to 19 IDEAS, and a group that I am proud to call partners and friends. As a strong community bank that has regional influence throughout Akron, Clarence and Lancaster – with plans of beyond – their individualistic treatment of others and big-results, intimate-strategy approach made them the perfect match for us and our team. The work since our initial handshake has proven just that.

With a personal background in banking, the integration of Bank of Akron’s marketing needs with our services was seamless – though it did mean that I was the internal keeper of keys for all bank-speak and industry-acronym explanations to the team. Their vast potential and interest in growth is directly aligned with 19 IDEAS’; throughout the past year, we’ve helped and watched each other succeed in exactly those ways, all culminating to one of the proudest product campaigns yet.

Introducing MedHome Loans

A new offering to the Bank of Akron lending lineup, and an equally impressive addition to the area’s offerings for medical professionals, MedHome Loans were built to help emerging doctors, dentists and residents buy a home and stay within our talent pool. By accommodating common barriers to entry, like debt-to-income ratios and the high dollar amount down, Bank of Akron built opportunity for individuals to feel equipped – and ready – to hit “go.” A special offering as such needed an explanation and creative campaign that carried the same weight.

The Concept of Coming Home

With the splendor of MedHome Loans in mind, we collectively began work on the creative concept. Putting ourselves in their shoes (you know, just without the years of schooling and doctoral intellect), we landed on a simple line that could exercise itself in a few ways: “Home Is Where You Hang Your Scrubs.” The idea that your house is your home, and a place where you could take off the stress of the day, rang true when thinking about the audience and the ways that they could benefit from their own space. Home is a place where you can relax, do your own thing without commentary, eat food that isn’t off a cafeteria buffet, and feel genuinely relaxed. Now, it was time to translate.

Cut to the Scene

Our audience of young professionals appreciates directness, but also values creativity and interesting dialogue. It was at this epicenter that we knew something different than a stock video was in order.

The process was two-dimensional, but it’s impact was big and bold. A stop-motion video, made exclusively out of a paper design created and cut in-house, set the look and its uses forward. Here, we were able to add color to a conversation topic that may have historically been in greyscale, and also push our own boundaries to how far we could make one campaign work for all mediums.

A rigorous process of scripting, scamping, storyboarding and slicing made way for a video feat, two collateral pieces for B2B and individual explanations, public relations outreach, and a digital campaign to drive it all the way home.

Building a Future Together

Even the greatest of projects are only sealed with reactions; we are so proud that Bank of Akron is just as impressed with the work as I am of our team. And, with its recent launch, the positive results on the business side are starting to tell the true story.

We turned paper into purpose, and the opportunities to come with Bank of Akron feel without measure – we are so incredibly lucky and proud to play a part in their growth.

And now, with them, we feel at home, too.

Charlie Fashana
Charlie Fashana

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie is a strategic, yet, creative business and marketing executive who relentlessly searches for the optimal way to achieve goals. Adding passion and a big-picture mentality to his experience in corporate, small business and nonprofit organizations, Charlie continually challenges leaders, teams and processes to get better.

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