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If you opt out of the excited stampede into multinational conglomerates and department stores the day after Thanksgiving, [non-participant question: how do you guys recover from your turkey comas so fast?] it can be difficult not to subconsciously feel a little Charlie Brown-esque about the commercialism of the holidays.

As a local agency, however, we’re partial to the sentiment of Small Business Saturday. Annually occurring on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, this day is continuing to establish itself within the realm of the holidays – though many would point out that it has yet to reach the magnitude of Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday is all about stimulating the local economy by focusing on supporting our shops in their unique offerings; for their love of their craft, and the unrivaled experience of shopping ‘small’ that big retailers just can’t seem to match.

As a small local business with a lot of love for the city we go to work in, we encourage you to show your Buffalove – this weekend and every day – by supporting your favorite local businesses. Here are just a few of ours:


007 Chinese Food at the West Side Bazaar

One of my favorite small businesses is 007 Chinese Food. It’s fresh, homemade dim sum cooked in a giant bamboo steamer. Growing up in Chicago, where dim sum places are aplenty, 007 gives me a rare taste of home. It’s different from any other dim sum place I’ve been to, because 007 is run by a Burmese husband-and-wife team, so they put their own spin on traditional Chinese cuisine. If you go, you have to get the Lo Mai Fan (a dome of sticky rice topped with chicken, mushrooms, and sriracha) and the Shumai (dumplings stuffed with a very generous amount of pork and shrimp filling, and quite honestly the biggest and juiciest I’ve ever had).

-Hannah Lin, Designer


SATO Ramen / Kuni’s

One of my favorite things to do is grab a bar seat at Sato Ramen on Elmwood or Kuni’s on Lexington. I find it incredibly relaxing, especially during the chaos of the holidays, to watch a sushi master effortlessly prepare dishes while nursing a warm bowl of ramen and some sake.

-Sam Scarcello, Marketing & Content Manager


The TreeHouse Toy Store

One of my favorite locally owned businesses is The TreeHouse Toy Store located on the corner of Elmwood and Auburn. When you walk into the TreeHouse, it feels like you’ve stepped into a bygone era where toy stores were a sacred and special place for kids — and their parents too. Run by a husband-and-wife team, Dave and Gaetana, every item you see is a highly curated piece selected by the owners. They really take the time to understand the toy and play market for children and, as a result, they’ve created a wonderland of a store that has supplied me with more “that was my kid’s favorite gift!” moments than any other kid-centric national store around. Not to mention, they have what Amazon can never have: an amazing in-store customer experience to feed the senses. Just like the good ol’ days. Amazon, eat your heart out.


Katie Krawczyk, Partner & President


Hydraulic Hearth

Three words: homemade mozzarella sticks. Hydraulic Hearth is one of my favorite go-to restaurants in Buffalo, not only because of their to-die-for mozz sticks, but their pizza is really great, too. I love their thin crust style with really quality toppings you wouldn’t think to put together.

-Courtney Christman, Digital Marketing Associate


Vidler’s 5 & 10

I’ve spent a couple of Small Business Saturdays wandering around Vidler’s, and I find it to be well worth the drive out to East Aurora. It’s complete chaos in the best possible way, brimming full with every toy and board game imaginable, retro candy, and considerably stocked for DIYers and holiday enthusiasts. Go for the experience, stay for the wall of cookie cutters in every shape you can think of.

-Miranda Bigham, Copywriter


Anywhere on Hertel Avenue

If shopping needs to be part of every excursion of yours, there are some great, trendy fashion shops on Hertel (Modern Nostalgia, P.S. Accessories and MODA Vintage to name a few). But what Hertel may be most known for in terms of shopping is furniture and décor. Places like room and Conley Interiors will help spruce up any abode. Within the “main drag” you’ll find food. You want it, you’re likely to find it on Hertel. Fancy: Lombardo’s. Fusion: CRAving. Family-friendly: Kostas. Pub fare: The Wellington Pub. It’s the heart and soul of North Buffalo, the street that earned the title as Buffalo’s “Little Italy”, it’s become the home to retailers selling Halal meat, shish kebabs, and other Middle Eastern goods. Add to that a series of well-liked bars, boutiques, coffee houses and a theater recently restored to its original grandeur, and it’s no wonder Hertel is such a draw.

-Charlie Fashana, Chief Operating Officer

Voelker’s Lanes

Here are the things that are important to me: you don’t need to shower to go, they have the best chicken fingers in Buffalo, and you can bring as many friends along as you want. That’s a business model I’m happy to support.

-Theresa Donnelly, Copywriter & Strategist


So, whether you’re the master of the mashed potatoes, a Black Friday benefactor, or small-business spokesperson, we wish you and yours a very happy post-turkey adventure.




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