Where Should the Buffalo Football Stadium Go?

In 2014, when talk about moving the new Buffalo football stadium was at its all-time high, Dan began wondering if some of the ideas circulating on where to move the field could actually work. Never one to leave a question unanswered, Dan decided to build a ‘quick’ web app – internally dubbed as “the stadium app” – where someone could move the stadium, one of its adjacent parking lots, and the fieldhouse through Google Maps. Building icons to scale, the app even incorporated reference points of the stadiums in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis for likewise comparisons.

Fans and armchair urban planners rejoiced; this interactive platform gave them the ability to move scalable images around Western New York, explore even the wildest scenario, and have better informed discussion around new location opportunities. As we know, the stadium chatter hasn’t slowed since the initial inciting conversation, and neither has the app’s power of possibility.

What’s more, 19 IDEAS’ stadium tool has integrated Facebook and Twitter functionalities for users to share their location recommendations, as well as share those made by other users they endorse or support with the rest of friends, followers and our Buffalonian fan base.

Why is this shareability such an important feature? Because it advances conversations that are already swirling in the community in a meaningful way. The stadium app empowers others to try their hand at ideas, while simultaneously becoming more informed about a topical economic development issue. Fans not only get to see their ideas in action, but they now also have a platform to engage in civil discourse about the feasibility of where our stadium can go by personally addressing a number of placement variables.

Move the needle? We think it’s more like move the stadium.

Now that’s work with purpose.

Go ahead – tell us where you think a new stadium should go.

Katie Krawczyk
Katie Krawczyk

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Katie is an expert communicator and entrepreneur with a keen view for both the bigger picture and the small details. Her experience working for public and private sector interests across grassroots and international realms lends our clients unique problem-solving and solution-oriented strategies rooted in public interest and advancement.

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