Happy 7th Birthday, 19 IDEAS - 19 IDEAS

Lucky number seven.

19 IDEAS has come a long way since our humble beginnings. From 2011 until now, here’s how far we’ve all come.


William + Kate get married


Harry + Meghan get married

From one royal wedding…to another.
With a few new heirs in between.



Because each generation needs to express its excitement differently from the last.

Google+ Takes on Facebook

Facebook Takes on Washington

In the battle of Goliath versus Goliath, who wins? Uncle Sam.

“Dance with Dragons”
was released

Still waiting for release of
“The Winds of Winter”

It’s been seven long years. That is all.


Gen Z

Idealism, meet your younger but wiser third cousin twice removed, pragmatism.



From filling out an in-depth profile to simply swiping right or left. Speed dating, redefined.

Hippest couple:
Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Hippest couple:
Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Because some things never go out of style.

Thanks to everyone who has made the past seven years what they’ve been: a beautiful, exciting journey filled with opportunities, successes and learnings. Here’s to embarking on more adventures together and hoping that Jay and Bey go strong for another seven years.

Katie Krawczyk
Katie Krawczyk

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Katie is an expert communicator and entrepreneur with a keen view for both the bigger picture and the small details. Her experience working for public and private sector interests across grassroots and international realms lends our clients unique problem-solving and solution-oriented strategies rooted in public interest and advancement.

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