The Power of Purple - 19 IDEAS

We took a look into the future..

And still ended up ahead.

As it happens but once a year, Pantone has announced their annual Color of the Year that will help support – and inform – all the trends to come for 2018.

Meant to harness the complexities of power, exploration and a lightness of what’s “still to come,” Ultra Violet 18-3838 stands for all things forward-thinking. We couldn’t agree more.


This past year, 19 IDEAS rebranded, and using the same tools of thought around the power of purple, we chose our hue to mirror all sentiments innovative. With a richer base of aubergine and flecks of highlighting colors to stand out, we were inspired by those same things that Pantone saw in this year’s choice – we hope, maybe, that we helped inspire them, too.

Read more about how our rebrand was shaped by selective shades and bigger ideas.

– 19 IDEAS

19 IDEAS is a New York State Woman-Owned Business that believes in the power of integration. With specialties in design, development, marketing and PR, we fuse strategy together with creative solutions to discover the possibilities for our community and our clients.

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