The Next Evolution of 19 IDEAS

Companies will go through multiple iterations and evolutions throughout their lifecycle. 19 IDEAS is no different, and we find ourselves on the precipice of our next evolution. It is my pleasure to announce we have promoted Charlie Fashana from Marketing Director to Chief Operating Officer for our company.

Over the past 15 months since Charlie’s arrival, he has proven to be a pivotal team member. Since day one, he set out to carve a new way in which we do business. Charlie spearheaded key changes to our organization that took place almost immediately. As a result of efforts he helped lead with other members of our management team, we became more efficient and more effective, which allowed us to produce better work for our clients.

Because of the organizational successes we’ve seen over the past year, this promotion is a natural next step for our team and for our company. For us, this move is a significant one in that Charlie will be the first COO 19 IDEAS has ever had – and it was time. He will be working closely with myself and Dan, the company’s partners, to shape the vision we have for 19 IDEAS and to execute on that vision day-to-day with our team and our clients.

To sum up what we are asking Charlie to do: Help us build a beautiful company. We’re off to a tremendous start.

– Katie